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Aug. 3, 2015 Zombie HOA Complete

Dear Resident:

It has come to the attention of the Sunnyfield Estates Homeowner’s Association that a number of issues need to be addressed.

1. Resident and Guest Disputes

Some residents have been eating other residents. This violates the HOA agreement as seen on page 5. It has also come to our attention that recently there have been a large number of visitors wandering the property. Visitors must register at the security office upon entering and leaving. If you see any suspicious activity do not call our office and scream about zombies in an unprofessional manner. Contact the authorities. Complaints about property management can be made by visiting our website when the power and internet service is restored. The cable company said it will schedule repairs, but residents need to be home between the months of February and April. Until then, all correspondence must be sent by registered mail when postal service is renewed.

2. Windows and Doors

Several residents have boarded their windows with plywood. This violates the HOA agreement as seen on page 6. It states that all windows should be a clear, double-paned glass with charcoal gray trim supplied by our maintenance team. Also, the spray painting of front doors with words like “Infected” could adversely affect the property values of the entire neighborhood. Units without doors must be repaired within twenty-four hours and painted in an eggshell white to match the other doors.

3. Entrances

There are a number of large vehicles, including a tank, are blocking the main and side entrances of the property. These entrances should be kept open should emergency vehicles ever arrive. Please advise visitors to park in assigned guest parking to avoid having their vehicles towed.

4. Pets

A number of large dogs have been seen on the property. This violates the HOA agreement as seen on page 7, where it states that pets must not weigh more than 15 pounds and must be on a leash.

5. Water

Some residents have been taking water from the pool. While there is no rule against this in the HOA agreement, the cost of refilling the pool would be exceed the budget for this fiscal year. Also, draining the sprinkler system makes the landscaping more difficult and has an adverse affect on property values. Gardening is restricted to containers and planting wheat is forbidden because of gluten allergies for some residents.

6. Waste

Residents are not placing their trash in the dumpsters. If the dumpster is full, use the recycling bins, but make sure to staple an identifying tag so you can be fined for violating the HOA agreement as seen on page 8. While waste pickup has been erratic recently, the trash must be in dumpsters when the truck does finally arrive. Burying bodies on the property is not only against the HOA agreement as seen on page 9, it is a local zoning code violation. The punishment is currently death, which only compounds the problem.


Clarrissa Finch, Property Manager

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