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Oct. 16, 2012 SVForum Cleantech Mash-Up

On October 16, 2012 in San Jose at PwC, SVForum held “The Cleantech Mash-Up: How Convergence & Innovation is Creating New Business Opportunities.” Rob Shelton of PwC moderated panelists Diarmuid O’Connell of Tesla Motors, Rachel Sheinbein of CMEA Capital and Clint Wilder of CleanEdge. Wilder is co-author of “Clean Tech Nation: How the U.S. Can Lead The New Global Economy” with Ron Pernick.

Clean tech disrupts existing economic, social and political structures. Our identity may be determined by our access to information as well as energy. It is as much about online speed as physical distance. There may be a convergence coming. Imagine using your iPhone to order a Tesla electric vehicle on Zipcar that drives itself to your house and takes you to work while you catch up on your messages. We are closer than you think. See picture below.

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