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Nov. 3, 2013 Blumbers


Years of Experience

Some people cannot do the math. I remember ten years ago when a recruiter wanted a candidate with ten years of experience with Windows 95, which had only been out for eight years. Last week, another recruiter was looking for ten years experience with Greenplum and Hadoop, which have only been out for eight years. To have that amount of experience, a candidate would have to have been one of the original development team. Such a remarkable candidate would be unavailable to move to a small town in the middle of nowhere for a two month project at half the market rate. They would speaking at events, publishing “how to” books and raking in big money.

Recruiters need to have more realistic expectations. Technology moves very fast and certification is nearly impossible. For instance, when Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the airplane, they were not licensed pilots. That social infrastructure developed later. Aircraft employers had to be more flexible┬áduring the first ten years of flight. Look for candidates who have a strong interest and a demonstrated ability to learn. Hiring the right candidate requires math skills and… years of experience.

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