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The SyFy channel’s new show “Alphas” covers a lot of the same territory as ABC’s “Prey”, NBC’s “Heroes” and the Marvel franchise of the X-Men. People with extraordinary powers do battle with each other and shadowy organizations. Considering the repeated unrealistic premise, this version tries to base itself in more reality than previous attempts.

The characters are better drawn than most. The leader is a Manhattan shrink who mixes therapy and fighting crime. There is a woman who can ‘push’ people into doing things that would not ordinarily do, but only if you make direct eye contact. She has to deal with the guilt of misusing her powers. There is another woman with keen senses who must learn to assert herself. There is an FBI agent with enormous strength who must control his rages. There is a war veteran with extraordinary coordination and serious PSTD. My favorite is a computer genius that can access the internet without a device but must develop some people skills. I run into people like him in Silicon Valley all the time and count myself lucky to know them. The villains are equally interesting. I was intrigued by the man who could change a series of events with the flip of a coin.

The series is an amusing diversion from sorting through other people’s resumes, trying to find a superhero with extensive database developer experience. Now that would be useful.

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