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Aug. 12, 2012 Blumbers

Writing Fiction

Readers said they missed my writing. To fix that, I have begun posting fiction again. An old writer told me some time ago that in order to sell a story you keep submitting it some place until it is sold. You cash the check and keep working on the next one. Some writers agonize over what Hollywood will do to their stories. They should be happy to get paid and the studios come back for more.

If you look at the successful franchises over the past ten years, they all seem silly or outrageous at the outset. An English schoolboy becomes a wizard. A repressed girl falls in love with a moody Northwest vampire. A genetically altered assassin with memory loss. The pitch has to be good, but the execution has to be better.

Over the years it has been harder to write science fiction because the changes are happening faster than I can type. The bigger challenge is write something that is crazier than the world we live in. Let the typing begin.

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