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Feb. 23, 2012 STC Randall Bolten Painting With Numbers

On February 23, 2012, the February STC Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting was held at the Hola! Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in Belmont. Experienced financial executive Randall Bolten of Lucidity presented “Learning How to Communicate Better with Numbers.”

Bolten thinks rules of presenting numbers (quantation) are similar to other forms of effective verbal communication. He knows how to show the numbers and what they mean. A report should fit on one page. Learn how to set up spreadsheets, templates, shortcuts and use them as a database. Right justify numbers. Name and organize your files in a sensible intelligent pattern. Document what you do.  Provide relevant, appropriate context. If anything does not clarify your information, remove it. Rehearse your presentation onsite. Know the numbers by heart. Build credibility and you will build your brand.

Bolten’s new book “Painting with Numbers: Presenting Financials and Other Numbers So People Can Understand You” will soon be available from Wiley & Sons on Amazon. As someone who is constantly bombarded with numbers, I think this will be useful book in making sense of financial presentations.

Please join us on March 22, 2012 for the March SVC Meeting; to be held at the Santa Clara IHOP, located at 4200 Great America Parkway in Santa Clara. The meeting starts at 6 PM. The topic will be “A Technical Writer’s Trip to Hollywood” with Elisa R Sawyer.

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