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Nov. 9, 2010 WCA Cognitive Radio Commercialization

On Tuesday November 9, 2010, in Santa Clara at Qualcomm, the WCA Cognitive Radio SIG presented “Commercial Status of Cognitive Radio and SDR Technologies.” Dr. Lloyd Nirenberg of Shannon Bayes Company moderated panelists Dr. Steve Goldberg of Venrock, Dr. Ahmad Bahai of National Semiconductor and Dr. Andrea Goldsmith of Stanford University.

Cognitive Radio (CR) and Software Defined Radio (SDR) were originally developed for military and public safety interoperability requirements. Commercial demand for more allocated spectrum now drives development using wireless standard solutions like 802.11n, LTE, WiMax, IMT-A that were originally developed for CR and SDR.

Dr. Steve Goldberg focused on what constrained the technology in the past and future demands. Investors need to focus improving entire network performance, with better reception.

Dr. Ahmad Bahai reviewed optimal statistical channel search and selection techniques to intelligent spectrum sharing. He went on to describe new architectures for software radio and mixed signal processing circuits. Current global mobile traffic will increase between thirty and forty times over the next five years, most of it in video. Solutions to meeting demand on heterogeneous networks are intelligent network topology, spectrum management and interference management.

Dr. Andrea Goldsmith surveyed the CR/SDR technologies and described the design and regulatory challenges behind them. She showed recent innovations in wireless technology that may provide breakthroughs in commercializing smart radios. Cognitive radio could allow frequencies to be reused without increasing interference by using cognitive overlays, compressed sensing and other techniques.

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