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Oct. 28, 2018 Blumbers


These days Halloween is no longer the scariest day of the year. Election day is. After months of getting other people registered to vote, I got my ballot in the mail.  I gathered all my research and quietly filled out the form. It is great to vote by mail because there is no hurry. There is no line of people behind you. You sign it and drop it in the mail.

Sometimes you vote for an issue that affects you directly, other times for the greater good. How many times have you walked by someone suffering on the street and wanted to help? If you vote, you can help.

One vote can make a difference. Many times I have sat on panels, boards, committees and council meetings and been the deciding vote. Several organizations I belong to exist today because of one vote. What do these organizations do? They help people find jobs, housing, education and healthcare.

Oddly, there are some who do not want to help other people… until they become those other people.

You are already the other. Vote.

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Oct. 21, 2012 Blumbers


It is done. I voted early and recommend it. The election is not over and will be very close. You have to get out there and help other people vote. Get a sample ballot. Do your research on all the issues. The local elected positions are as important as the president. It matters who runs your schools, police and fire departments. Elections matter. You make a difference.

Perhaps some of you are wondering where I have been or have even seen me in some unusual places. This is an election year and things happen. It will be over soon. Vote!

Copyright 2012 DJ Cline All rights reserved.