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Apr. 12,2017 United Fight Or Flight

On Apr. 9, 2017 Dr. David Dao, 69, refused to give up his seat on United Airline flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville. He was beaten and dragged off the plane. Since that time, United Airlines CEO Oscar Nunez has offered a weak apology and the value of the company has dropped by 700 million dollars. All that mess to save a few hundred dollars. This is another disturbing reason not to fly anymore. Really.

Customers have very few rights. The underpaid security staff and luggage handlers are tempted to steal. Airlines are trying to make every last dollar, so they buy software to figure out how to cram passengers into every last inch of their planes. There are few empty seats anymore. The passengers pay fees for everything from luggage to meals. The pilots and crews are pushed to their absolute limit working around the clock to keep costs down. The seats are uncomfortable. The air is bad. Everyone is cranky.

So it is time to stop flying. Ask yourself if a trip is worth it. Do you really need to get on a plane? Most business can be conducted online. Flying has become such an ordeal that it is not worth being beaten to a pulp so some millionaire airline executives can make a buck off of you. Save your money. Stay safe. Stay home.

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