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Jun. 23, 2013 Blumbers


Undisclosed Location

Once a month I post a list of events that I think other people might want to attend. I give the date, time, organization, topic, speaker and location. These are the basic facts of journalism. Recently someone contacted me for an event and did not give the event street address. At first I thought the lack of address was because it might be a webinar. I get invited to webinars all the time, there just is not much to photograph :-)

But no, they did not want to give the address. I should say this is not one of those security events, just ordinary software training.¬†Without this crucial piece of information, how is someone going to evaluate whether they can attend? How will they program the location into their phones for directions? Because of all this I cannot post their event. I not only don’t know where their event is, I don’t even know where their heads are. :-)

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