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Unchained By DJ Cline

August 28, 2012 Hooverville, Cascadia

Diana Lemon was Netrosonics CEO Billy Thoreau’s fixer. The moment she heard about the Ohio fire, she pulled a prepared statement for release. It said the employees lost were important to the company and their contributions recognized by their CEO. It did not say the contributions would be in cash to the executives… offshore.

Except the executives did not get the payout. Nobody knew where it went. Security cameras at the Ohio coffee shop showed Anita Gromex taking the phone of her boss and driving off. She didn’t go home. She disappeared. The Black Flag Insurance offshore policy passwords were changed and then moved somewhere else in cyberspace. Whoever held them stood to collect no matter how the victim’s died.

For years the policies had been shared among Netrosonics long-term employees. As a kind of uneasy gentleman’s agreement, no one on the inside went after each other to collect money. Anita Gromex changed all that. Diana knew that Anita was always dangerous, but to co-workers not to management. Now she was unchained as well as un-hinged. They were all targets now. In the past two weeks, Netrosonics employees had been found dead in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. They all looked like accidents or health related incidents. Classic Anita Gromex. The line was moving westward toward Hooverville. Toward them.

Diana wondered how to fix this. You couldn’t call the cops and tell them a corporate supported serial killer had gone rogue and was stealing from you. They couldn’t use lawyers like Chief Legal Counselor Daniel Freid. This would be a public relations nightmare if it got out.

All this was happening in a close election year. Anita Gromex had stolen a large amount of money that was destined for campaign donations across the country. This was supposed to be the election where they got everything they wanted. All these years of lobbying for privatization of everything and now she could not call the cops when she really needed one. For now she would advise the insiders to beef up their personal security. If Anita could not be stopped, they would have to run for their lives.

Perhaps they could make up the losses by having one last fundraiser on Billy Thoreau’s converted ocean liner, the S.S. Zong. It would be safer, isolated and closed to the press. As for Anita Gromex, Diana would have to call some people she knew to take care of Anita before she took care of them.

If they lost the election, they would have to leave the country. The irony of questioning a president’s citizenship as they prepared to renounce theirs for tax reasons was not entirely lost on her. As she prepared for her own escape, Diana Lemon wished she had sent her useless children to a private school that taught Chinese rather than French.

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