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Top Ten Homeland Homage


I seldom watch TV these days but Liz Fraley recommended the Showtime series “Homeland” to me. The premise seemed far fetched, so I came up with my own ideas for shows:

1. Hometime – about sinister lemonade
2. Homestead – about sinister subprime mortgage predatory lending
3. Homespun – about sinister knitting using sustainable materials
4. Nomeland – about sinister Alaskans
5. Gnomeland – sinister gnomes with one them possibly being a troll
6. Mobile Homeland – about sinister women in tube tops yelling at drunken men in dirty t-shirts
7. Homeless – homeless moles

Liz then came back with her own show ideas:

8. Nursing Homeland – about sinister doctors experimenting on the elderly
9. Homebase – A coming-of-age-romp set in high school (Rated: MLV)
10. Homeplate – about children of the corn little leaguers
11. Homebody – about sinister gardeners
12. Homecoming – also set in high school only (Rated:MLV)
13. Homecraft – about sinister craft fair circuit regulars
14. Homely – about sinister pageant moms

And a super special bonus from Liz:
15. Homemaker – about a sinister baker who always brings her special “almond cookies” to bake-sales, starring Jodie Foster.

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