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Oct. 12, 2014 Blumbers

Time To Vote

I received my ballot in the mail for the upcoming election. I also got a lot of very slick printed attack ads. I have always said that what you say about people says a lot about you. If you cannot say it publicly to the face of the person in question, then you might wind up saying it in court. Of course in American politics, such speech is protected by the First Amendment, so just about anything goes. I got one colorful expensive brochure that was so disparaging of a candidate, that I decided to meet the guy being attacked. It turns out he was a great guy and I will vote for him. The other guy has lots of money from rich people and corporations to send out attack ads. If you see a well produced ad on TV or a slick brochure in the mail, be very suspicious.

I recently saw video of people protesting in Hong Kong for the right to vote for their own mayor. This should remind us that all the elected positions are important. Voting for a president is good, but that president cannot do it it alone. To meet your needs, you need to find suitable candidates for Congress, state legislature, city council and right down to dog catcher.

So get out there and vote. You do not want to wake up to tanks in the streets tear gassing protestors like in Hong Kong… or Ferguson Missouri.

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