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Sep. 29, 2013 Blumbers


Time On The Infinite Loop

Recently it was announced that the house where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer will become a historic site. It was another reminder of the passage of time. It is a funny feeling to drive down a street named after someone you met, or walk into a building named after somebody you had lunch with. You learn they are people. They are mortal, but their work lives on. But the oddest incident to me was the parking spot.

Last week I fought my way through rush hour traffic to attend a diversity meeting at Apple’s headquarters on the Infinite Loop. They really do want people who not only look different but actually think different. After all, how will you succeed in this crazy world if you can’t work with all the crazy people in it? I was running late, I parked my car and then hurried into the event.

Afterwards, I walked out of the building and realized my car was parked in the same disabled parking spot that Steve Jobs used to park his Porsche. My car was fine, my sticker was quite visible. It was just one of those annoying things that Steve Jobs used to do. And for some reason it took me until that moment to realize he was not going to do that anymore.

Sometimes you miss a person not just because of the nice things they did, but everything they did. The parking lot was full of people walking around with their iPhones lighting up their faces like fireflies. I looked up in the sky and just wanted to howl at the harvest moon.

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