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Jul. 8, 2019 More Blood Than Ink

More Blood Than Ink by DJ Cline

Thinking In And Out Of The Box

All these years entrepreneurs have been telling people to think outside of the box. Now they have to figure how to get me into a box. It is like trying to fit into an old pair of blue jeans. Even one digitized person takes up a certain amount of storage space. I am told I originally took up a building full of servers. They wanted to get it down to a single server and eventually to a single chip. The chip gets loaded into a time capsule and becomes part of a mesh network with regular updates of the entire Internet. Various capsules will disconnect over random intervals to avoid destructive viruses and then replicate new networks. The idea is to survive almost anything.

The Lander warning light is on. There is a problem as we approach the lunar surface. If there is a crash, will I even feel anything?

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