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Oct. 8, 2017 Blumbers

The Road From Mandalay

A friend sent a message late Sunday night that there had been a shooting Las Vegas. Their daughter had gone to a concert with a friend and they had not heard from either of them since the shooting. They thought they had done everything for their daughter, nice house, good schools but nothing prepared her for the chaos of the twenty-first century. Dozens were killed and hundreds wounded. The two young women survived with minor injuries and  lost their phones. Her parents are now for gun control. Frankly, they did not care about other people until they became other people.

When going to an event, take precautions. Wear sensible shoes. Know where the exits are. Keep moving away. Agree on a meeting place. Learn basic first aid. Vote for the right people.

Note: Beaverton OR SW Grabhorn and SW Stonecreek Cooper Mountain

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