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Apr. 27, 2014 Blumbers


Remembering Daniel OR The Mouse That Revved

Daniel was a car guru. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of automobiles and how to fix them. Whenever I found another new electronic device in my car, he would help identify it. One day I discovered something in my car that was… alive!

I had parked in a forest to take some pictures. It was raining and dark when I got back to the car at the end of the day. As I drove down the hill I turned on the windshield defroster and the wipers. I immediately noticed an odd smell coming from the vents and saw a small mouse hanging on for dear life to one of the windshield wipers!

I pulled over. I called Daniel and explained the situation. He laughed and said to bring the car in right away. By this time, the mouse was back under the hood and I drove carefully into town.

Daniel said that this sort of thing had happened before. The mouse was probably looking for a nice warm place out of the rain and my car was available. The mouse had chewed through a ventilator hose to a vent box behind the dashboard. Daniel quickly capped closed the vent box and put the whole thing in an old aquarium with a lid.

He then fixed the damage and put the aquarium in my car. He said “Take only pictures, leave only foot prints. Get him home.”

I thought about what Daniel said when he lost a very long battle with cancer. He was kind.

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