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Dec. 19, 2015 The Man In The High Castle

The Man In The High Castle will eventually be available on the SyFy Channel. Just about everything Philip K. Dick ever wrote has been turned in to a film except this story. I don’t know why. It seems like an easy film to make. Hollywood has all the costumes and sets from all those other WWII movies they made. I think the problem is the unsettling nature of the story, the idea that our world can change dramatically on the actions of a few people.  Maybe it is the idea that a writer can imagine a different world and the people in charge are threatened by that idea.

You have to admit the alternative history Dick created is farfetched. The world lives under the threat of a nuclear war. Everyone drives around in German or Japanese cars. American manufacturing and the middle class have been destroyed. Violent people come from other countries to kill American citizens. Wealthy conservative racists dictate policy. People are killed, arrested or detained without due process. Despite all this, there is a writer in that timeline that says that maybe the the world does not have to be like this. Maybe reasonable people could work to make it better.

For whatever the reasons, it took a long time to see this story on the screen. They have made changes. The subversive book has been changed to a film reel in this version, which would have been difficult to produce, distribute and exhibit in any 1962. The characters have been rewritten. The plot has been extended. I am fine with all of that because the story is about how things change and there are different outcomes with every roll of the dice. Somewhere out there is a timeline where Philip K. Dick is watching it.

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