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Jan. 9, 2012 Time

On Jan. 9, 2012 Time magazine’s Jim Cantore wrote “Weather Beaten” about climate change causing more severe storms and adversely affecting the economy. Thirty years ago a billion dollar weather disaster would happen once a year. By 2012, such disasters happen once a month.

In an article titled “Hello, My Name Is Sophia” about ¬†an American woman born in 2012. Statistically she might live until 2093. She will likely become an obese divorced mother of two children and unlikely to have a college degree.

Austin Ramzy wrote “China’s Buy List” about Chinese buying food, used aircraft carriers, coal and other raw materials in a sort of neocolonialism. They are also buying media to promote their interests.

Deirde van Dyk wrote “The End Of Cash” about using your phone to make purchases rather than your wallet. It can dramatically sped up customer service.

Harry McCracken wrote “Control Freaks” about the trend from watching cable TV to streaming video online subscriptions.

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