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Mar. 1, 2012 ASAP Steve Steinhilber And Adrian Ott

On Thursday, March 1, 2012 at Michaels in Mountain View, the Silicon Valley Chapter of ASAP presented “Beyond Alliances: Aligning Partner Ecosystems with Corporate Strategy.” The speakers were Steve Steinhilber, VP of Emerging Solutions Ecosystems at Cisco Systems and author of “Strategic Aliances: Three Ways To Make Them Work” and Adrian Ott, CEO of ExponentialEdge author of “The 24-Hour Customer.” They discussed how technology and social media are changing the way alliances are made and function.

Note: Dig the cool shot of the chandelier in the cupola!

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Nov. 2, 2011 ASAP Gang Of Four War

On November 2, 2011 in San Jose at Cisco, the ASAP Silicon Valley held “Changing the Game: The Age of the Platform and the 24-Hour Customer.” ASAP leaders Nimma Bakshi of PWC and John Soper of New Paradigms moderated Sherrick Murdoff of Salesforce, Adrian Ott of Exponential Edge Consulting and Phil Simon of Phil Simon Systems.

In reaction to a Fast Company magazine article, Adrian Ott, author of “The 24-Hour Customer” and Phil Simon author of “The Age of the Platform” talked with Sherrick Murdoff about the coming “Gang Of Four” war for consumer attention from social media giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

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