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Mar. 3, 2020 Super Tuesday

On Mar. 3, 2020 US Presidential primaries are held in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. If you live in any of these states, please vote.

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Aug. 12, 2013 The New Yorker

On Aug. 12, 2013 The New Yorker‘s James Surowiecki wrote “The Pay Is Too Damn Low” about raising the minimum wage to lift workers out of poverty. Possible solutions include expanding government  programs for earned income tax credits, access to child care and health care. The real solution is the creation of middle class jobs like improving infrastructure.

Sarah Stillman wrote “Taken” about the police and governments seizing what little property the innocent poor still own by calling it asset forfeiture. It is based on the  eighteenth century Royal British idea called “writs of assistance” but was one the reasons for the American Revolution. The founding fathers saw it as unreasonable search and seizure, but it was revived during the Reagan Administration. The reduction in taxes forced police to raise money through seizures. It could happen anywhere but there are places to avoid. Avoid Tehana, Texas. Avoid Tulsa Oklahoma. Avoid the District of Columbia. Avoid Monroe, North Carolina. Avoid Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Avoid Emporia, Virginia. Avoid Phoenix, Arizona. Bal Harbor, Florida. Avoid Detroit, Michigan.

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2013 Top Ten Predictions

1. North Korea stages a Gangnam style demonstration with one million people that can be seen from space.

2. The Fiscal Cliff will be followed by a Cliff Huxtable, where politicians will have to wear ugly sweaters and rhapsodize about pudding.

3. It will be revealed that Apple’s gorilla glass is made by real gorillas.

4. To continue expansion, Facebook will reach an agreement with Ancestry.com to begin creating accounts for dead relatives. Instagram will add an oil painting filter.

5. Amazon will offer a rare collection of Philip K. Dick’s laundry and grocery lists on Kindle Fire only. The lists will be turned into movies. “Rye Bread And Cheese” will win an Oscar for special effects.

6. California will allow drivers to text, but only to really attractive people.

7. Texas will allow drivers to text but only if they use their handgun as a stylus.

8. Washington state will legalize marijuana. Wait, didn’t they already do that? Oh man…

9. J.K. Rowling will release a surprise book “Harry Potter Magically Pays Off His Student Loans.”

10. An asteroid will collide with earth but not before explaining it got the Mayan calendar wrong.

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May 1, 2010 STC Changes

Next week the Society for Technical Communication will hold its big annual event in Dallas, Texas. I will try to cover it but it usually means popping in and out. If you see, me say hello.

STC is not the same organization it was fifty years ago. It shouldn’t be. It should always be changing to meet the needs of its members. Being a leader in STC after this latest crisis cannot compare to what came before. How do you compare steering an organization through an economic collapse and bailing out the parent organization? There is no comparison. It was like St. Crispins Day and you had to be there.

What survives? What needs to be done?

To me volunteering at STC meant helping people find work. Over the decades I have been a part of an organization that has helped thousands of people pay their bills. When I helped someone get a job, I felt I had done my job. A paycheck meant more than an any certificate, plaque or award.  Anything else is subservient to that goal.

We should honor those who have helped others and then get back to our mission.

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