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Dec. 5, 2013 SVForum Game On Technology And Sports

SVFlogo Alagappan Muthu Anderson Christine Bullard Ward Byrd Stephen Chang Tim Cuskelly Abel Diwan Rishi Ellicott Kyle Glenn Vern Gonzales Jon Greenfield Howard Hepler Lauren Holove Jef Hughes Tracy Joseph Jonathan Knox Anders Love Amy Malik Kunal Musuris Mike Packard Warren Rao Shailo

On December 5, 2013 in Palo Alto at SAP, SVForum held “Game On! Technology Meets Sports Conference.” Muthu Alagappan of Ayasdi gave the first keynote. Jon Gonzales of Procopio of introduced Kunal Malik of the San Francisco 49ers. Stephen Byrd of STATS talked about the rise of content and statistics. Lauren Hepler of Silicon Valley Business Journal moderated panelists Rishi Diwan of SAP, Gary McCoy of Catapult Sports, and Mike Musuris of Spinball Enterprises. Tracy Hughes of Silicon Valley Sports Ventures had a fireside chat with Tim Chang of Mayfield Fund and Jef Holove of Basis. Howard Greenfield of NXP Software moderated panelists Abel Cuskelly of Pogoseat, Kyle Ellicott of Wearable World, Jonathan Joseph of FantasyBrain and Shailo Rao of Beyond The Box. Phillip Kahn of Fullpower Technologies gave the third keynote. Jennifer Franklin of Comcast Sportsnet moderated panelists Ward Bullard of Google+, Anders Knox of GAGA Sports and Entertainment, Fortune 500 CEO Amy Love and Warren Packard of Thuuz Sports. Christine Anderson of Sportsvision gave the closing remarks.

IMG_1000DJClinecom IMG_1002DJClinecom IMG_1003DJClinecom IMG_1004DJClinecom IMG_1006DJClinecom IMG_1007DJClinecom IMG_1008DJClinecom IMG_1009DJClinecom IMG_1010DJClinecom IMG_1012DJClinecom IMG_1013DJClinecom IMG_1014DJClinecom IMG_1015DJClinecom IMG_1025DJClinecom IMG_1029DJClinecom IMG_1038DJClinecom IMG_1041DJClinecom IMG_1048DJClinecom IMG_1059DJClinecom IMG_1073DJClinecom IMG_1075DJClinecom IMG_1080DJClinecom IMG_1085DJClinecom IMG_1088DJClinecom IMG_1094DJClinecom IMG_1096DJClinecom IMG_1098DJClinecom IMG_1099DJClinecom IMG_1102DJClinecom IMG_1103DJClinecom IMG_1104DJClinecom IMG_1105DJClinecom IMG_1106DJClinecom IMG_1107DJClinecom IMG_1108DJClinecom IMG_1109DJClinecom IMG_1116DJClinecom IMG_1118DJClinecom IMG_1119DJClinecom IMG_1120DJClinecom IMG_1121DJClinecom IMG_1123DJClinecom IMG_1124DJClinecom IMG_1125DJClinecom IMG_1127DJClinecom IMG_1134DJClinecom IMG_1135DJClinecom IMG_1136DJClinecom IMG_1144DJClinecom IMG_1155DJClinecom IMG_1165DJClinecom IMG_1168DJClinecom IMG_1179DJClinecom IMG_1191DJClinecom IMG_1198DJClinecom IMG_1209DJClinecom IMG_1223DJClinecom IMG_1228DJClinecom IMG_1231DJClinecom IMG_1233DJClinecom IMG_1239DJClinecom

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Dec. 3, 2013 SVForum PWC Electric Cars

SVFlogoLeopoldTilley AlisonPlatshon MarkSuh John Wesoff Eric

On December 3, 2013 in Palo Alto At Pillsbury Winthrop, SVForum and PWC held a breakfast discussion on the rise of electric vehicles. Alison Leopold Tilley of Pillsbury moderated panelists Mark Platshon of Birchmere Ventures, John Suh of Hyundai Ventures, and Eric Wesoff of Greentech Media. Some unmanned electric vehicles may fly while many ground vehicles will be self driving. While most will use lithium ion batteries, there are new materials that may be cheaper with more capacity.

IMG_0858DJClinecom IMG_0862DJClinecom IMG_0863DJClinecom IMG_0919DJClinecom IMG_0922DJClinecom IMG_0935DJClinecom IMG_0939DJClinecom IMG_0941DJClinecom IMG_0942DJClinecom IMG_0944DJClinecom IMG_0945DJClinecom

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Nov. 5, 2013 SVForum Adobe Cloud Transition

SVFlogoBeauchamp Tim Tegoning Lori

On November 5, 2013 in Mountain View at Microsoft, the SVForum’s Cloud and Virtualization SIG hosted “Adobe’s Transitioning to the Cloud –One Team’s View.” Adobe’s Computer Scientist / QE Manager Tim Beauchamp and Senior Program Manager Lori Tregoning discussed how to take a group of components from a traditional waterfall development process for a suite delivery to a “Shippable Anytime” mentality and methodology.

IMG_9917DJClinecom IMG_9918DJClinecom IMG_9919DJClinecom IMG_9921DJClinecom IMG_9925DJClinecom IMG_9930DJClinecom IMG_9937DJClinecom IMG_9950DJClinecom IMG_9974DJClinecom

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Sep. 26, 2013 SVForum Tech Women Male Advocates

SVFlogoAshcraft Catherine Banerjee Shampa Haldeman Genevieve Kalanthi Jeevan Northup George

On Thursday, September 26, 2013 in Cupertino at Apple, SVForum’s Tech Women SIG presented “Male Advocates Matter: How to Engage Men in Gender Diversity Efforts.” Catherine Ashcraft, Senior Researcher at NCWIT moderated panelists Shampa Banerjee, VP- Engineering at Socialtext, Genevieve Haldeman, VP- Global Communications at Plantronics, Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO of Sifteo and George Northup, CEO of Memeo. They discussed how male influencers and advocates are critical for the advancement of women in technology. The better a company’s employees reflect the society they work in, the better they will understand their customers. A diverse workforce brings together new people and ideas that spur innovation. If you can find some experience in your life where you can identify with someone different, then you might be able to help them and your company.


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Sep. 17, 2013 SVForum Southard Jones Birst

SVFlogo Jones Southard

On September 17, 2013 in Palo Alto at SAP, SVForum BI SIG hosted Southard Jones of Birst’s presentation “BI and Discovery Finally Available in the Cloud.” Jones said Birst’s own automated data warehouse, ETL and visual analytics give meaning to raw data in a business context so they can solve real world problems quickly.

IMG_7852DJClinecom IMG_7853DJClinecom IMG_7854DJClinecom IMG_7855DJClinecom IMG_7856DJClinecom IMG_7857DJClinecom IMG_7858DJClinecom IMG_7862DJClinecom IMG_7871DJClinecom IMG_7875DJClinecom IMG_7893DJClinecom IMG_7898DJClinecom

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Sep. 12, 2013 SVForum Siamak Ashrafi Google Glass

SVFlogoAshrafi Siamak

On September 12, 2013 in San Francisco at Nixon Peabody, SVForum Emerging Technology hosted Bio-Computational Specialist Siamak Ashrafi’s presentation “Embedded Technology / Functional Fashion (Demo of Google Glass) and the future of mobile.” Ash talked about the convergence of wearable computing, functional fashion and smartphones. Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) are replacing traditional dedicated embedded systems with smartphone apps leveraging internal sensors and antennas. He then compared and contrasted devices like the Nike+ Fuelband,  Lark, Fitbit, Jawbone UP, BodyBug, Motoactv, MSP430, Google Glass, Recon Jet and GlassUP. He wrapped up with what ware we will wear. Say that three times fast.

IMG_7539DJClinecom IMG_7545DJClinecom IMG_7546DJClinecom IMG_7547DJClinecom IMG_7548DJClinecom IMG_7553DJClinecom IMG_7578DJClinecom IMG_7582DJClinecom IMG_7587DJClinecom IMG_7588DJClinecom IMG_7565DJClinecom

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Sep 11, 2013 SVForum Matt Haines Of IMP

SVFlogoHaines Matt

On September 11, 2013 in Santa Clara at Qualcomm, SVForum Digital Media SIG Chair Bob Ketner introduced Matt Haines, the Developer Community Manager at Imp. Haines talked about how Imp can make designing “The Internet Of Things” easier. Imp wants to a hardware and software environment that removes all the headaches of creating a wireless device so companies can focus on features they do best.

IMG_7433DJClinecom IMG_7434DJClinecom IMG_7436DJClinecom IMG_7437DJClinecom IMG_7438DJClinecom IMG_7440DJClinecom IMG_7443DJClinecom IMG_7476DJClinecom IMG_7481DJClinecom IMG_7483DJClinecom IMG_7484DJClinecom IMG_7493bDJClinecom IMG_7498DJClinecom IMG_7504DJClinecom

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Jul. 11, 2013 SVForum After CMOS

SVFlogoWelser Jeff

On July 11, 2013 in San Francisco at Nixon Peabody, the SVForum Emerging Tech SIG hosted Dr. Jeffrey J. Welser, Director, Almaden Services Research & Accelerated Discovery Lab at IBM’s presentation “When Scaling Hits The End Of The Road.” Moore’s Law talks about ever increasing computing power for less cost. Welser talked about the physical limits of increasing the performance per dollar in semiconductor chips by scaling the dimensions of the field-effect transistor (FET) in Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology. He then discussed newer logic devices, circuits and architecture that might be less volatile, use less power and easier to reconfigure.

IMG_4349DJClinecom IMG_4356DJClinecom

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Jul. 10, 2013 SVForum Rapid Iteration Internet Of Things

SVFlogoMcAlvay Jeff

On July 10, 2013 in Santa Clara at Qualcomm, SVForum’s Digital Media SIG hosted Jeff McAlvay, Tempo Automation’s Co-Founder and CEO’s presentation “Rapid Iteration for an Internet of Things.” McAlvay demonstrated a software application and a robot that can etch traces, apply solder paste, place components, reflow connections, and test a circuit board.

McAlvay said “Today, prototypes cost thousands of dollars (folks in the audience mentioned prototypes they had seen that cost $1500 and $8000).  In the future, prototypes will have a shorter iteration cycle, stay securely within the company’s walls, and be more affordable.”

IMG_4144DJClinecom IMG_4151DJClinecom IMG_4156DJClinecom IMG_4158DJClinecom IMG_4162DJClinecom IMG_4165DJClinecom IMG_4166DJClinecom IMG_4167DJClinecom IMG_4169DJClinecom IMG_4179DJClinecom IMG_4189DJClinecom IMG_4242DJClinecom IMG_4264DJClinecom IMG_4266DJClinecom IMG_4268DJClinecom

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Jul. 8, 2013 SVForum Visionaries


Here are some pictures of SVForum’s Visionaries over the years. Contact me for rights and permissions. Pictured are Forest Baskett, Eric Benhamou, Marc Benioff, Vinton Cerf, John Chambers, James Clark, John Doerr, William H. Draper III, Esther Dyson, Doug Engelbart, Judy Estrin, Carly Fiorina, Bill Gates, Louis Gerstner, James Gosling, Diane Greene, Promod Haque, Reed Hastings, Dr. Hermann Hauser, Trip Hawkins, John Hennessy, Reid Hoffman, Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, Guy Kawasaki, Vinod Khosla, Steve Kirsch, Dick Kramlich, Sandra Kurtzig, Steven Levy, Scott McNealy, Craig O. McCaw, Gordon Moore, Michael Mortiz, Walter S. Mossberg, Nathan Myhrvold, Ray Ozzie, Arthur Patterson, Arthur Rock, T.J. Rodgers, Heidi Roizen, Brent Schlender, Terry Semel, Chris Shipley, Larry Sonsini, Guy L. “Bud” Tribble, Ann Winblad, Steve Wozniak.

Baskett Forest copy Benhamou Eric copy Benioff Marc 2 Blank Steve Chambers John Cerf Vincent Clark Jim Diamandis Peter Doerr John Draper Bill copy Dyson Esther Engelbart Doug 3 copy Estrin Judy copy Fiorina Carly Gates Bill copy Gerstner Louis Gosling James copy Greene Diane copy Haque Promod copy Hauser Hermann copy Hasting Reed Hawkins Trip Hennessy John Hoffman Reid copy Jacobs Irwin Kawasaki Guy copy Khosla Vinod KIrsch Steve Kramlich Dick Kurtzig Sandy Kurzweil Ray 2 Levy Steven 3 copy McCaw Craig McNealy Scott Moore Gordon Moritz Michael Mossberg Walter Myhrvold Nathan Ozzie Ray Patterson Arthur copy Rock Arthur Rodgers TJ copy Roizen Heidi Schlender Brent copy Semel Terry Shipley Chris copy Sonsini Larry Tribble Bud copy Warrior Padmasree Winblad Ann Wozniak Steve 12

I am still looking through the archives for Marc Andreessen, Craig R. Barrett, Carol Bartz, Andy Bechtolsheim, Grady Booch, John Seely Brown, Nolan Bushnell, Kaye Caldwell, Edwin Catmull, JoMei Chang, Alfred Chuang, Ron Conway, Scott Cook, Alan Cooper, Donna Dubinsky, Kamran Elahian, Charles Geschke, Jeff Hawkins, Gerald Kearby, Kay Koplovitz, Robert Metcalfe, Catherine Muther, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Proulx, Sandy Robertson, Alain Rossman, Jeff Skoll, Jimmy Treybig, John Warnock, Jerry Yang.

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Jul. 2, 2013 SVForum Cloud DevOps

SVFlogoEdwards Damon

On July 2, 2013 in Mountain View at Microsoft, the SVForum Cloud and Virtualization SIG presented “DevOps: A Practical Guide” by Damon Edwards of DTO Solutions. Edwards showed how to make the case, educate the players, design and execute a DevOps project.

IMG_4088DJClinecom IMG_4091DJClinecom IMG_4094DJClinecom IMG_4097DJClinecom IMG_4098DJClinecom IMG_4104DJClinecom IMG_4105DJClinecom IMG_4107DJClinecom IMG_4109DJClinecom IMG_4132DJClinecom

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Jul. 1, 2013 SVForum 3D Printing Gestures

SVFlogoAdams Stephan Jasti Raja

On July 1, 2013 in Mountain View at Microsoft, the SVForum 3D Printing and Scanning SIG presented “Gesture Interfaces for 3D Modeling.”Stephan Adams, founder of Artiful.net demonstrated the creation of virtual art that is then printed into physical objects of art. Raja Jasti, CEO of ZeroUI used a Kinect to create a colored vase on a virtual potters wheel.

IMG_3762DJClinecom IMG_3766DJClinecom IMG_3773DJClinecom IMG_3782DJClinecom IMG_3795DJClinecom IMG_3807DJClinecom IMG_3828DJClinecom IMG_3832DJClinecom IMG_3863DJClinecom IMG_3869DJClinecom IMG_3880DJClinecom IMG_3938DJClinecom IMG_3950DJClinecom IMG_3990DJClinecom IMG_4001DJClinecom IMG_4058DJClinecom

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Jun. 5, 2013 SVForum Launch Silicon Valley And Visionary Awards


On June 5, 2013 in San Francisco at UBM, SVForum held a press conference to present the winners of Launch! Silicon Valley: Algorithms, Bugcrowd, E3 Clean Technologies , FLASHiZ, OnFarm and WHILL. SVForum also announced this year’s Visionaries are Steve Blank, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Academician, Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman/CEO of the XPrize Foundation Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google and Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco. Speakers were Debbie Brackeen of Citi, Chris Gill of SVForum, Barbara Holzapfel of SAP and Leonard Heymann of UBM. Some press attending were Janet Rae-Dupree, Patrick Hoge of the San Francisco Business Times and Dan Nakaso of the Mercury News.

Brackeen Debbie  Clabrun Tom Gill Chris Heymann Leonard Hoge Patrick Holzapfel Barbara Nakaso Dan RaeDupree Janet Wodecki Natalia IMG_1735DJClinecom IMG_1736DJClinecom IMG_1760DJClinecom IMG_1786DJClinecom IMG_1793DJClinecom IMG_1799DJClinecom IMG_1821DJClinecom IMG_1827DJClinecom IMG_1830DJClinecom IMG_1838DJClinecom IMG_1857DJClinecom IMG_1875DJClinecom IMG_1896DJClinecom IMG_1921DJClinecom IMG_1930DJClinecom IMG_1931DJClinecom IMG_1932DJClinecom IMG_1935DJClinecom IMG_1936DJClinecom IMG_1938DJClinecom IMG_1942DJClinecom IMG_1943DJClinecom IMG_1944DJClinecom IMG_1948DJClinecom

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Jun. 4, 2013 SVForum Launch Silicon Valley


On June 4, 2013 in Mountain View at Microsoft, SVForum held “Launch: Silicon Valley.” Futurist Ray Kurzweil of Google gave the opening keynote on innovation and the rate of changing technology. Guy Kawasaki of Garage Ventures gave the second keynote on how to create a successful startup. Dr. Mike North of Discovery Channel’s “Prototype This!” gave the closing keynote on his collaboration developing technology and making a difference in the world.

Peter Delevett of the San Jose Mercury News moderated panelists Ryan Caldbeck of CircleUp, Deborah Magid of IBM Venture Capital, Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures and John Gardener of Nokia Growth Partners. They discussed the future of venture investing.

Kelly Dempski of Accenture Technology Labs spoke about how “Every Business is a Digital Business.”

Arturo Duram of Digital First Media held a fireside chat with previous Launch winning leaders for HearPlanet, Intelen, Kiverdi and SocialIQ Networks.

The afternoon was a series of presentations from startup category ranging from clean tech, life science, mobile to next generation internet. The winners are:

Next Generation Internet 1 category:

Algorithms, predictive analytics algorithms, Mountain View, CA, www.algorithms.com Leverages cloud computing, open source software and proprietary technology delivering predictive analytics as a service.

Next Generation Internet 2 category:

Bugcrowd, crowdsourced bug identification, Santa Clara, CA, www.onebillsoftware.com. Provides crowdsourced security for web and mobile applications, by matching the crowd of bad guys with a crowd of curated good guys.

Mobile category:

FLASHiZ, mobile payments, Luxembourg, www.flashiz.com. Provides mobile payment solutions in Europe using both NFC and QR codes for payments in shops, online, paper invoices and peer-to-peer payments.

Life Science category:

WHILL, next generation personal mobility, Menlo Park, CA, http://whill.jp. Designs and creates new generation of personal mobility, sidewalk EV (Electric Vehicle).

Clean Tech category:

E3 Clean Technologies, Nox scrubber technology, Athens, OH, www.e3cleantechnologies.com. Provides devices that cost effectively clean up smog forming NOx emissions in diesel and power plant exhaust and contamination in wastewater while producing clean hydrogen fuel as a free by-product.

Technology category:

OnFarm, farm decision support, Fresno, CA, www.onfarmsystems.com. Integrates agriculture information in a cloud based decision and management system to increase yield and quality while reducing fertilizer, water, labor, and energy.

Bartley Andy Belokamen Serg Donny Lance Kawasaki Guy Kurzweil Ray North MIke Rochegude Alexandre Shields Kent

DSC_0150DJClinecom DSC_0189DJClinecom DSC_0202DJClinecom DSC_0208DJClinecom DSC_0238DJClinecom DSC_0464DJClinecom IMG_0930DJClinecom IMG_0931DJClinecom IMG_0932DJClinecom IMG_0933DJClinecom IMG_0939DJClinecom IMG_0941DJClinecom IMG_0942DJClinecom IMG_0944DJClinecom IMG_0945DJClinecom IMG_0948DJClinecom IMG_0953DJClinecom IMG_0957DJClinecom IMG_0963DJClinecom IMG_0964DJClinecom IMG_0965DJClinecom IMG_0967DJClinecom IMG_0978DJClinecom IMG_0979DJClinecom IMG_0982DJClinecom IMG_0983DJClinecom IMG_0984DJClinecom IMG_0992DJClinecom IMG_0998DJClinecom IMG_1003DJClinecom IMG_1006DJClinecom IMG_1010DJClinecom IMG_1014DJClinecom IMG_1015DJClinecom IMG_1023DJClinecom IMG_1027DJClinecom IMG_1030DJClinecom IMG_1033DJClinecom IMG_1040DJClinecom IMG_1058DJClinecom IMG_1059DJClinecom IMG_1061DJClinecom IMG_1100DJClinecom IMG_1106DJClinecom IMG_1130DJClinecom IMG_1131DJClinecom IMG_1132DJClinecom IMG_1135DJClinecom IMG_1137DJClinecom IMG_1138DJClinecom IMG_1140DJClinecom IMG_1141DJClinecom IMG_1143DJClinecom IMG_1144DJClinecom IMG_1145DJClinecom IMG_1149DJClinecom IMG_1158DJClinecom IMG_1159DJClinecom IMG_1163DJClinecom IMG_1167DJClinecom IMG_1176DJClinecom IMG_1177DJClinecom IMG_1178DJClinecom IMG_1184DJClinecom IMG_1185DJClinecom IMG_1186DJClinecom IMG_1187DJClinecom IMG_1189DJClinecom IMG_1194DJClinecom IMG_1191DJClinecom IMG_1198DJClinecom IMG_1211DJClinecom IMG_1213DJClinecom IMG_1246DJClinecom IMG_1265DJClinecom IMG_1273DJClinecom IMG_1293DJClinecom IMG_1295DJClinecom IMG_1301DJClinecom IMG_1303DJClinecom IMG_1311DJClinecom IMG_1312DJClinecom IMG_1313DJClinecom IMG_1314DJClinecom IMG_1316DJClinecom IMG_1328DJClinecom IMG_1332DJClinecom IMG_1358DJClinecom IMG_1373DJClinecom IMG_1375DJClinecom IMG_1378DJClinecom IMG_1408DJClinecom IMG_1412DJClinecom IMG_1413DJClinecom IMG_1415DJClinecom IMG_1418DJClinecom IMG_1427DJClinecom IMG_1428DJClinecom IMG_1429DJClinecom IMG_1441DJClinecom IMG_1443DJClinecom IMG_1446DJClinecom IMG_1449DJClinecom IMG_1454DJClinecom IMG_1455DJClinecom IMG_1463DJClinecom IMG_1465DJClinecom IMG_1473DJClinecom IMG_1482DJClinecom IMG_1500DJClinecom IMG_1507DJClinecom IMG_1513DJClinecom IMG_1519DJClinecom IMG_1528DJClinecom IMG_1530DJClinecom IMG_1538DJClinecom IMG_1541DJClinecom IMG_1545DJClinecom IMG_1556DJClinecom IMG_1557DJClinecom IMG_1559DJClinecom IMG_1576DJClinecom IMG_1586DJClinecom IMG_1598DJClinecom IMG_1603DJClinecom IMG_1606DJClinecom IMG_1619DJClinecom IMG_1671DJClinecom IMG_1728DJClinecom IMG_1729DJClinecom IMG_1731DJClinecom

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Jun. 3, 2013 SVForum Launch Silicon Valley Reception


On June 3, 2013 in Palo Alto at Cooley LLP, SVForum held a reception for entrepreneurs and investors attending “Launch: Silicon Valley 2013.” Here are some pictures of that event.

IMG_0794DJClinecom IMG_0807DJClinecom IMG_0808DJClinecom IMG_0810DJClinecom IMG_0811DJClinecom IMG_0812DJClinecom IMG_0814DJClinecom IMG_0816DJClinecom IMG_0817DJClinecom IMG_0818DJClinecom IMG_0819DJClinecom IMG_0821DJClinecom IMG_0822DJClinecom IMG_0823DJClinecom IMG_0824DJClinecom IMG_0825DJClinecom IMG_0827DJClinecom IMG_0829DJClinecom IMG_0830DJClinecom IMG_0833DJClinecom IMG_0834DJClinecom IMG_0836DJClinecom IMG_0837DJClinecom IMG_0839DJClinecom IMG_0840DJClinecom IMG_0842DJClinecom IMG_0843DJClinecom IMG_0848DJClinecom IMG_0857DJClinecom IMG_0864DJClinecom IMG_0865DJClinecom IMG_0866DJClinecom

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May 28, 2013 SVForum 3D Printing Intellectual Property

SVFlogoReilly Patrick

On May 28, 2013 in Mountain View at the Singularity University in the NASA Research Park, SVForum presented “How will 3D Printing And Intellectual Property Co-Exist?” The speakers were legal experts Michael Mount, Attorney at Law and Patrick Reilly of the Tech Futures Group. They spoke about the current state of copyright law and the need for clarity and reform in the light of 3D printing technology.

IMG_0635DJClinecom IMG_0637DJClinecom IMG_0639DJClinecom IMG_0640DJClinecom IMG_0654DJClinecom

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May 28, 2013 SVForum And The Hive Data Virtualization

SVFlogoGreen Jim Krishnamurthi Sanjay Thangavelu Sendil Vina Angel

On May 28, 2013 in Redwood City at the Sobrato Center for Non-Profits, SVForum and The Hive presented “Data Virtualization: Beyond Traditional Data Integration.” The speakers were Jim Green, CEO of Composite Software, Sanjay Krishnamurthi, Chief Architect of Informatica, Sendil Thangavelu, Corporate Director-Analytics and Data Management of Flextronics and Angel Vina, CEO and Founder of Denodo Technologies. They discussed how demand from businesses, analysts and application developers is driving demand for data virtualization. ETL experts are extracting data from the traditional databases, the cloud, big data, mobile networks and social media to create more timely pictures of usable information.

IMG_0581DJClinecom IMG_0584DJClinecom IMG_0585DJClinecom IMG_0594DJClinecom IMG_0596DJClinecom IMG_0597DJClinecom IMG_0598DJClinecom IMG_0599DJClinecom IMG_0601DJClinecom IMG_0605DJClinecom IMG_0611DJClinecom IMG_0612DJClinecom IMG_0615DJClinecom IMG_0616DJClinecom IMG_0619DJClinecom

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May 9, 2013 SVForum Game Changing Technology


On Thursday, May 9, 2013 in Mountain View at Microsoft, SVForum held its “Game Changing Technology Conference.” What if you had a machine that could build anything in your house, including the house? What about downloading a movie on a phone you downloaded as well? How soon will you be wearing Google glasses checking your messages in your Google car? Can a device recycle itself?

Dr. Jeffrey Welser of IBM delivered the first keynote “The Impact of New Technologies on the Enterprise.”

Geoffrey Doyle of GrowShapes and US Partner Percipient Capital moderated panelists Brock Hinzmann of Business Futures Network, Andrew Rutter of Type A Machines and Chris Yonge of StudioCruz. The topic was “3D Printing – The 3rd Industrial Revolution!”

Dan Levin, COO of Box had a fireside chat with Chris Gill on “Building An Enterprise Software Company That Doesn’t Suck: How Startups Are Disrupting Enterprise Software Incumbents.”

Dr. Harry Partridge of NASA’s Ames Research Center delivered the third keynote “Game On – NASA’s Space Technology Program.”

Bernard Golden of enStratus moderated panelists Stacey Bishop of Scale Venture Partners, Byron Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners and Howard Hartenbaum of August Capital. The topic was “Investment Landscape – How to Invest in an Accelerating Environment.”

John Murray of SRI International moderated panelists Grit Denker of SRI International, James Leftwich of Orbitnet and Steve Whittaker of UC Santa Cruz. The topic was “The Future of Human Interface.”

Futurist Paul Saffo of Discern delivered the final keynote “Foresight For Innovators – Inflection-Spotting in the Face of Rapid Change.”

Baer Jon Bartschat Steffen Belknap Diane Bennetsen Henrik Bishop Stacey Boladian Razmig Carlsen Larry Castle Michael Chizick Jonathan Deeter Byron Denker Grit Doyle Geoffrey Gill Chris Gittleman Dylan Hartenbaum Howard Hindus Debbie Hinzman BrockJames Frankie Ketner Bob Kornitsky John Langberg Mike Lau Rob Leftwich James Lichty Ron Loftus Mike Mahon Bernie Mehr Saeed Mubarak Fares Mueller Ann Murray John Oesterle Ursula Painter Chris Papa George Partridge Harry Pozdnyakova Irina Reichert Bill Rost Linda Rutter Andrew Sabharwal Vinay Schulz Lene Sneep Patrick Snyder David Sridevi Pasumarthi Valencia Mauricio Vasseur Sebastian Welser Jeff Whittaker Steve  WU JinqiangAndy Yonge Chris

IMG_9653DJClinecom IMG_9695DJClinecom IMG_9704DJClinecom IMG_9705DJClinecom IMG_9708DJClinecom IMG_9709DJClinecom IMG_9712DJClinecom IMG_9714DJClinecom IMG_9718DJClinecom IMG_9723DJClinecom IMG_9727DJClinecom IMG_9729DJClinecom IMG_9730DJClinecom IMG_9731DJClinecom IMG_9738DJClinecom IMG_9746DJClinecom IMG_9751DJClinecom IMG_9769DJClinecom IMG_9782DJClinecom IMG_9799DJClinecom IMG_9809DJClinecom IMG_9813DJClinecom IMG_9814DJClinecom IMG_9817DJClinecom IMG_9818DJClinecom IMG_9828DJClinecom IMG_9837DJClinecom IMG_9839DJClinecom IMG_9840DJClinecom IMG_9850DJClinecom IMG_9859DJClinecom IMG_9873DJClinecom IMG_9933DJClinecom IMG_9945DJClinecom IMG_9842DJClinecom

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Apr. 30, 2013 SVForum 3D Printing Intelligence

SVFlogoCutt Paul Doyle Geoffrey Filart Al Hunt Michael Ilano RomyKennedy Adam Kim Nuki Leingang Thad Leung KC Maxwell Greg Maxwell June Palacios Brian Philpot Chris Rutters Andrew Silversten Espen Tharp Jennifer Tien Barabara Veres Janos Wong Leon

On Tuesday, April 30, 2013 in Palo Alto at PARC, SVForum’s 3D Printing and Scanning SIG presented “Printed Intelligence.” Speakers included Brian Palacios of Praefectus Fabrum, Janos Veres of PARC’s Printed Electronics team and Leon Wong, Director, Market Strategy at PARC. They discussed printing semiconductors, flexible circuits, sensor arrays, memory arrays; batteries and display devices.

IMG_9343DJClinecom IMG_9350DJClinecom IMG_9354DJClinecom IMG_9427DJClinecom IMG_9345DJClinecom IMG_9347DJClinecom IMG_9352DJClinecom IMG_9359DJClinecom IMG_9362DJClinecom IMG_9363DJClinecom IMG_9365DJClinecom IMG_9366DJClinecom IMG_9367DJClinecom IMG_9372DJClinecom IMG_9378DJClinecom IMG_9382DJClinecom IMG_9385DJClinecom IMG_9390DJClinecom IMG_9391DJClinecom IMG_9392DJClinecom IMG_9396DJClinecom IMG_9405DJClinecom IMG_9414DJClinecom IMG_9417DJClinecom IMG_9418DJClinecom IMG_9419DJClinecom IMG_9420DJClinecom IMG_9422DJClinecom IMG_9429DJClinecom IMG_9489DJClinecom IMG_9439bDJClinecom

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Apr. 25, 2013 SVForum Tech Women Social Networking

SVFlogoBrill LaSandra Fouts Janet Lin Marilyn Lockheimer Erica Messerschmidt Jana

On Thursday, April 25, 2013 in San Francisco at Salesforce, SVForum’s Tech Women presented “Leveraging Social Networking to Advance Your Career.” Janet Fouts of Tatu Digital Media moderated panelists LaSandra Brill  of Cisco Systems, Marilyn Lin Director of Salesforce.com, Erica Lockheimer of LinkedIn and Jana Messerschmidt of Twitter. They talked about the best social media career strategies. The Pareto Principle asks a question: does 80 percent of your business come from 20 percent of your clients? How do you find that 20 percent? Soft skills may beat software. Social media is not a replacement for the time-honored principles of treating your contacts as human beings.

IMG_9148DJClinecom IMG_9152aDJClinecom IMG_9158DJClinecom IMG_9159DJClinecom IMG_9162DJClinecom IMG_9165DJClinecom IMG_9166DJClinecom IMG_9168DJClinecom IMG_9170DJClinecom IMG_9172DJClinecom IMG_9174DJClinecom IMG_9202DJClinecom IMG_9206DJClinecom IMG_9224DJClinecom IMG_9229DJClinecom IMG_9244DJClinecom IMG_9251DJClinecom IMG_9281DJClinecom IMG_9310DJClinecom IMG_9188DJClinecom

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Apr. 17, 2013 SVForum E-Commerce & Gamification

SVFlogo Diaz Carlos 2 Duggan Kris

On Wednesday, April 17, 2013 in East Palo Alto at  DLA Piper, SVForum presented “E-Commerce & Gamification.” Benjamin Hautefeuille, Co-Chair for SIG eCommerce, introduced Kris Duggan, CEO & co-founder of Badgeville and Carlos Diaz, co-founder of Kwarter. They discussed social media using game mechanics to encourage the desired user behavior like customer loyalty or contact center productivity. The result can be amusing or annoying, but not all gamification is trivial. In the protein folding game FoldIt, the public predicted protein configuration of an AIDS enzyme, which had stumped scientists for 15 years, in 3 weeks. While the phrase gamification has peaked, the demand for a user interface that is easier (and possibly fun) to use will continue.

IMG_8898DJClinecom IMG_8910DJClinecom IMG_8897DJClinecom IMG_8868DJClinecom  IMG_8885DJClinecom IMG_8871DJClinecom IMG_8886DJClinecom IMG_8892DJClinecom IMG_8870DJClinecom

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Mar. 21, 2013 SVForum Big Data Analytics Future


On March 21, 2013 in Palo Alto at SAP, SVForum presented “Big Data Analytics Conference: Between Now And 2020.” The big data market will grow from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $16.9 billion by 2015 according to the IDC. This is causing major changes in the way data is gathered, analyzed and capitalized.

Jeremy Howard of Kaggle gave the opening keynote “Can Data Science Really Do That?”

TM Ravi of The Hive moderated panelists Kevin Foster of IBM, Guido Schroeder of Splunk, Adam Smith of Metamarkets and David Sonnenschein of SAP. They discussed “Real-Time Big Data.”

Brett Uyeshiro of Pandora gave the second keynote “Big Data in Music: Lessons for the Rest of the World.”

Andy Bartley of Algorithms.io moderated panelists John Akred of Accenture, Christian Beedgen of Sumo Logic, Steve Morin of Autodesk and Tim Park of Microsoft. They discussed “Big Data in the Enterprise – Technology & Teams.”

Bernard Golden of enStratus moderated panelists Jai Das of SAP Ventures, Mark A. Siegel of Menlo Ventures and Andy Vitus of Scale Venture Partners. They discussed “The Investment Landscape.”

Entrepreneur Satyen Sangani moderated panelists Justin Erickson of Cloudera, Joseph M. Hellerstein of Trifacta/UC Berkeley, Ju-kay Kwek of Google and M.C. Srivas of MapR. They discussed “Beyond Hadoop.”

Mike Gualtieri of Forrester gave the closing keynote “Big Data Analytics – Analysis & The Future.”

Note: Hina Ashar of e8Security attended this event.

Adelus John Akred John  Bagby John Bartley Andrew Beedgen Christian Bhatnagar Neeraj Block Rob Brackeeen Debra Carter Evonne Chang Michael Choudry Trip Clabaugh Chris Codelli David Csendes Audrey Das Arun Das Jai Desai Ankur  Erickson Justin 3  Fan LucyXuan Fogelsong John Foster Kevin Golden Bernard Greene Jason Gualtieri Mike Hellerstein Joseph Highbey Tomas Hittle Mike Howard Jeremy Ignatyev Oleksiy Ishfin Edward Jelinek Brian Keyston Douglas King April Kippola Tom Kwek JuKay Lencher Michal Lichty Ron Lingard Bob Loukianof Peter Mack John Magill Jeffrey MalekMadani Gus Mangtani Nitin Marripudi Gunna Marwah Manish Milhem Ray Montalvo Olin Morin Steve Murphy Irene Nathan Vaidhi Nguyen Van ORorke Paul Park Tim Ravi TM Richardson Chris Sangani Satyen Sasao Sooichi Savage Andrew Schroeder Guido Shikiar Andrew Siegel Mark Sipola Pekka Sloan Robert Smit Marco Smith Adam Sonnenschein David Srinivasan Srini Srivas MC Tarma Juulia Thorleifsson Kristinn U Filomena Uyeshiro Brett Vik Jostein Vitus Andy Walling David  Wilkins Tanya Woods Jorden Xia Mu Yoder Laurie

IMG_8369DJClinecom IMG_8384DJClinecom IMG_8394DJClinecom IMG_8413DJClinecom IMG_8421DJClinecom IMG_8433DJClinecom IMG_8438DJClinecom IMG_8447DJClinecom IMG_8452DJClinecom IMG_8457DJClinecom IMG_8476DJClinecom IMG_8482DJClinecom IMG_8484DJClinecom IMG_8488DJClinecom IMG_8489DJClinecom IMG_8491DJClinecom IMG_8492DJClinecom IMG_8493DJClinecom IMG_8494DJClinecom IMG_8498DJClinecom IMG_8499DJClinecom IMG_8501DJClinecom IMG_8503DJClinecom IMG_8504DJClinecom IMG_8508DJClinecom IMG_8509DJClinecom IMG_8510DJClinecom IMG_8516DJClinecom IMG_8517DJClinecom IMG_8524DJClinecom IMG_8528DJClinecom IMG_8534DJClinecom IMG_8535DJClinecom IMG_8536DJClinecom IMG_8544DJClinecom IMG_8545DJClinecom IMG_8552DJClinecom IMG_8553DJClinecom IMG_8560DJClinecom IMG_8563DJClinecom IMG_8570DJClinecom IMG_8595DJClinecom IMG_8599DJClinecom IMG_8537DJClinecom

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Feb. 28, 2013 SVForum Women Improving The World


February 28, 2012 in San Jose at Brocade,  SVForum Women In Technology SIG presented “Using Technology To Improve The World.” Janet Fouts of Tatu Digital Media moderated panelists Jill Finlayson of Dallant Networks, Mona Motwani of SparkSF, Jennifer Pahlka of Code for America and Celine Takatsuno of Benetech. They discussed new strategies to make the world a better place.

Chaffin Dawn Erbes Rebecca Ergueta Taia Finlayson Jill Fouts Janet Gordon Francine Jain Sheena Klein Jodi London Sonja Michille Motwani Mona Pahlka Jeniifer Philip Kathy Podolsky Joni Rane Manali Reksa Abigail Scharmer Kathy Sethi Deepa Simpson Audrey Snitzer Carole Webster Amaya

IMG_7752DJClinecom IMG_7753DJClinecom IMG_7772DJClinecom IMG_7756DJClinecom IMG_7757DJClinecom IMG_7778DJClinecom IMG_7780DJClinecom IMG_7781DJClinecom IMG_7789DJClinecom IMG_7791DJClinecom IMG_7799DJClinecom IMG_7804DJClinecom IMG_7805DJClinecom IMG_7818DJClinecom IMG_7825DJClinecom IMG_7829DJClinecom  IMG_7755DJClinecom IMG_7767DJClinecom IMG_7848DJClinecomIMG_7860DJClinecom

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Jan. 29, 2013 SVForum 3D Printing


On January 29, 2013 in Mountain View at Microsoft Silicon Valley, SVForum hosted “3D Printing and Scanning SIG Event: Investment Trends & Printer Marketing and Technology” Speakers included Brook Drumm of Printrbot, Geoffrey Doyle of GrowShapes, Timothy Lipton of ReAllocate.org and Rich Stump of Fathom. They discussed the most disruptive technology since the Internet.

“In the same way the printing press democratized information and the internet democratized communication, 3D printing will demassify and democratize manufacturing – “The Third Revolution.”

3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing, is a new way to design, manufacture, distribute and finance products.  A standard digital file (.stl) of an object is created on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software or a 3D scanner, and is sent to a dedicated printer which builds the object layer-upon-layer in a plastic, metal or ceramic material.

Large manufacturers use it for rapid-prototyping for high-value low-run production. Smaller businesses are adopting it as costs come down.  A desktop machine costs for less than $10,000 compared to more than $100,000 five years ago.  The home printer market is growing as hobbyists embrace open sourced technology which originated from the “RepRap” project (Self-Replicating Manufacturing Machine).

IMG_6629DJClinecomIMG_6669DJClinecomIMG_6631DJClinecomIMG_6630DJClinecomIMG_6634DJClinecomIMG_6671DJClinecom  IMG_6659DJClinecomIMG_6658DJClinecomIMG_6643DJClinecomIMG_6637DJClinecomIMG_6640DJClinecomIMG_6653DJClinecomIMG_6651DJClinecomIMG_6650DJClinecomIMG_6647DJClinecomIMG_6663DJClinecom   IMG_6657DJClinecom IMG_6656DJClinecom IMG_6655DJClinecom    IMG_6649DJClinecom IMG_6648DJClinecom  IMG_6645DJClinecom IMG_6644DJClinecom