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Nov. 13, 2008 SDF Fundable Startup Roadmap 1

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On November 13, 2008 at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman in Palo Alto, SDForum presented “Crafting a Fundable Roadmap for Your Startup”. Featured speakers included Laurie Lumenti-Garty, and Shai Goldman of Silicon Valley Bank; Anthony Nassar of Venture Momentum, Allison Leopold Tilley of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP and Steve Tennant of Tennant Consulting. Text from DJCline.com

In a downturn this bad you have to figure out your own bail out plan. When going gets tough, the tough start companies. One of the markers of an economic recovery is the creation of new businesses. This all day workshop showed ways to increase your chance of success. Overall, do your homework before you leave home. Text from DJCline.com

Anthony Nassar started off with serious number crunching. He showed how small changes in your business model make big differences in how fast you make a profit over five years. Text from DJCline.com

Steve Tennant stressed the importance of assessing and sizing your market opportunity. Lack of paying customers is the number one reason companies fail. What unique thing can you offer that people will want to pay for? Are they willing to pay enough for you to make a profit? Tennant outlined specific steps that you do not want to skip unless you want to go out of business. Text from DJCline.com

Laurie Lumenti-Garty, and Shai Goldman showed how to put together a winning elevator pitch that will get investors hooked. They heard pitches from attendees and gave them tips to tune their pitch. The over a dozen people got to pitch the investor panel. The winner was Nambii.com Text from DJCline.com

Allison Leopold Tilley talked about crafting a due diligence-ready legal framework. You may be as leery of legal issues as of doing your taxes but you have to cover your bases. If you don’t own your idea, you won’t own your business. Text from DJCline.com

The entrepreneur panelists were Amarjit Gill of P.A. Semi, Inc., Karen Northup of Corefino, and Rick Sutton of Plus 3 Network. They shared their experiences, challenges and insights into building and securing funding for their ventures and engaged in an interactive exchange. Text from DJCline.com

Early stage investors panelists were Josh Goldman of Norwest Venture Partners, Vimal Patel, of Sierra Ventures, Steve Reale of Levensohn Venture Partners, and Jeff Yu of Angel’s Forum. They discussed VC investing trends in the current economic climate, fundability criteria, and alternatives for entrepreneurs unable to attract institutional funding. Text from DJCline.com

Rashmi Nunn attended this event.


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