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Mar. 4, 2015 Doug Wray’s STC Silicon Valley Website

It is end of an era.

Some ten years ago I inherited one of the oldest continuing websites in the world. The STC Silicon Valley members who started the website were very farsighted people, but ten years in technology is a very long time and it needed an overhaul. I immediately thought of Doug Wray.

Doug Wray did not belong to STC, but he is one of the best designers I have ever known. He is one of the few people I know who is comfortable using everything from a smartphone camera to an electron microscope. He built the new version of the STC Silicon Valley website from scratch using WordPress and hosted it on Laughing Squid. The reaction was so positive that we won a Touchstone Award. As the economy collapsed and STC nearly went down with it, Doug’s website stayed online helping hundreds of people find work. In a dark age, he built a cathedral and kept the lights on for people to see. Doug made the difference.

Ten years later and things are recovering. Thanks to Doug, we have attracted a new generation of members to work on the website. The crisis is over and our work here is done. Well done.

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