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Nov. 29, 2019 STC Renewal

STC Renewal

Today I renewed my membership with the Society of Technical Communication. I recommend joining  STC. It is a great organization if you want to help people locally or around the world. I started out as a student member and took on a number of roles (including chapter president in Silicon Valley) and was eventually named fellow. Ultimately I was on the committee to help decide the next generation of fellows. It was interesting to be on the other side of what is a rigorous process to decide who was the best.

STC helps us learn new skills and network to find employment in an increasingly chaotic market. The goal was to help people and work toward better conditions for all. STC helped do that.

Despite all the advancements in information and communication, professional development inevitably comes down to people sitting down and talking with each other face to face. Many of us benefitted from the decades of hard work by its volunteers so the organization would be here for us. Let us be there for the members who will join long after we are gone.

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Dec. 2, 2012 Blumbers

STC Renewal

I have renewed my membership in the Society for Technical Communication. I recommend you renew as well. Earlier this week I got a message from a recruiter who was trying to fill a tech writer position in Japan. I happened to know someone who knew someone who someone etc. With all the technology for social networking out there, it all came down to people meeting and connecting in person. STC has been doing social networking for over half a century. With our continued membership it will help the next generation of technical communicators get their next job. Renew today.

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