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Mar. 15, 2015 Blumbers

STC Goals Met

If you are a member of STC Silicon Valley, you have two weeks to vote in the local election. If you want to be a leader, vote yourself in. :-)

Ten years ago as STC struggled to survive, I set a number of goals.
1. Make sure that the organization and chapter was financially viable.
2. The chapter website updated and running so people could find work.
3. Find volunteers with the right skills and experience to carry the chapter into the future.
4. Make sure members were recognized for their contributions.

All of these goals have now been met and I want to thank all the people who made this possible.

Thanks to Gillian Flato and others, STC and the chapter are in good financial shape.

Thanks to Tom Johnson and Daniel Doorbos, members can now get training and jobs on the website that Doug Wray designed and operated during the dark years with Todd Hawley. It is now one of the world’s oldest running websites.

Thanks to Marta Rauch and David Hovey for making sure our meetings are successful and attracting the next generation of leadership.

Thanks to Joe Devney, Dart Pedersen, Nathaniel Lim, Pat Lufkin, Viki Maki, Richard Mateosian, and others for undergoing the extensive process to become STC Fellows or Associate Fellows. It was worth it. I regret some did not live to see our success.

Over the years I learned that it is not about how much money the organization has or if the website is working. It is about people working together across generations to take care of its members. During the collapse the lights were kept on, but the emergency is over and we can begin to grow again. The chapter is in good hands.

Remember you are part of a long line of people stretching back through the years helping each other, and hopefully into the future. The new goal is to find that next generation.

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