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Jun. 15, 2015 STC Andrew Davis Remote Work

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On June 15, 2015 in Santa Clara, STC Silicon Chapter hosted Andrew Davis of Synergistech. He discussed how to get remote positions. Basically: be really good, work harder, be a little bit cheaper, more trustworthy and show up in person on a regular basis.  Despite the technology network we are creating, employers want to see people working at their desks. It seems a contradiction as we move to a mobile society. For more details, I strongly recommend visiting his website.

I think there are a couple of factors driving the trend toward remote work. One of them is a rebellion against the open space office. While it may be cheaper to put employees in one big room, the noise and distractions make it difficult to concentrate or think, which is what knowledge workers are paid to do. If a company really wants to save money on square footage they should consider remote work.

Remote work is greener. Spending four hours day driving in traffic or even commuting on public transportation leaves a carbon footprint. Companies might even get a tax break for reducing it. That commute time is also time better spent solving problems.

Remote work promotes a balanced life. Employees can take care of older or younger family members. They can exercise and not need your gym. Oh, a flu epidemic is less likely to spread through your company.

Remote work externalizes operating costs. Employees pay for their own electricity, internet connections, insurance and utilities. They can live in affordable housing and not hipster hamster housing. Depending on where the company operates it might clarify a worker’s contract or full time employee tax status.

Remote work assists outsourcing. Employees can work with outsourced teams in another time zone easier from home if they don’t have to work nine to five on site.

Remote work increases the likelihood of a companys’ survival in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

Finally, if a remote position does not work out, it is easier to let someone go.

Note: 09-17-17 NW Quimby and NW 11th, Portland OR. Very trendy.

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