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Sep. 7, 2015 The New Yorker

On Sep. 7, 2015 The New Yorker’s James Surowiecki wrote “Drop In The Bucket” about the stock market crashes and slower economic growth in China.

Stacy Schiff wrote “The Witches Of Salem” about how nineteen people were accused of being witches and executed in 1692. The witch hunt was a combination a greed and hysteria against people who may have been a little odd versus people who wanted more property and power. Things did not turn out the way they thought. Hundreds of years later the villains were rightly remembered as villains in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. They thought it would all die down, but they were to be constantly reminded of their sins. Maybe they could have compensated their victims but that is hard to do when they are dead. Instead they were haunted by history. Today they would be (and are) held accountable on the Internet. :-)

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