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Nov. 30, 2010 SDF Microsoft Azure Cloud

On Tuesday November 30, 2010 in Menlo Park at Orrick, the SDForum hosted Microsoft’s Bruno Terkaly presentation  “Getting Scale out of your Web Apps with Azure.” Terkaly, who is a coder’s coder, showed how to reliably scale web applications in the cloud. It is done by migrating a Mode View Controller (MVC) application using Windows Azure and the database using SQL Azure to scale in the cloud with the App Fabric operating system.

Ten years ago the advantages of MS SQL Server were that it easily installed on a desktop PC and it was easy to import data other Windows applications. One of the drawbacks was scalability that is now addressed with Azure. If you have the latest hardware and software tools like Visual Studio and SQL Server 2008, you can build and migrate a database to the cloud.

More Azure resources are available to developers at:


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