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Jul. 14, 2013 Blumbers


Skypo Typo OR Not A Vetting Man

Last week a friend told me a funny story. They got an email from a recruiter who says all their candidates are vetted on Skype. The problem is that my friend does not have Skype and calls me and wants me to walk them through installing it. It turns out that installing it will require buying a new machine. This is not something that can be done in the next thirty minutes. Alarm bells start going off as I am forwarded this recruiter’s email.

The recruiter says he is on a plane to his home country and cannot use a phone. WTF? People are using their phones all the time on planes these days. Is he too cheap to use a phone or make the call? One reason you want to use Skype is to see what the candidate looks like and record a video of the conversation. It is always a concern when recruiters worry more about what a person looks like than what they can do. On the other hand, if they are so worried about appearances, how do they impress a candidate by using Skype? I also remember there were some security issues Skyping with strangers.

Can you imagine how annoying it might be like to sit on a plane next to a man conducting a job interview using Skype? Say what you want about texting, but at least it is quieter than someone yelling over a bad VOIP connection. Okay, maybe he is on a private plane, but why isn’t he using the usually excellent communications on a private jet?

There is an additional funny bit. In the email he doesn’t say “vetting” he says “wetting.” I’ve made my share of typos over the years but this is too funny to resist. Now I have not used Skype recently, but I did not know it had the capability to send water over the Internet. This would be a major scientific achievement. Would the water spray out of a special peripheral device like water from one of those plastic flowers on a suit lapel or like a seltzer bottle from the Three Stooges?

It turned out this guy was sitting in his home country, not on a plane. The recruiter was just a data miner who will sell whatever he finds to the highest bidder. Basically he was all wet… or vet :-)

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