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Aug. 7, 2017 Google Women

On Aug. 7, 2017 Motherboard’s Louise Matsakis reported “Google Employee’s Anti-Diversity Manifesto Goes ‘Internally Viral” While the document itself contains the thoughts of just one Google employee (James Damore), the context in which they were shared—Google is currently being investigated by the Department of Labor for its gender pay gap and Silicon Valley has been repeatedly exposed as a place that discriminates against women and people of color—as well as the private and public response from its workforce are important.”

According to NPR’s Bill Chappell reporting in “Google Grapples With Fallout After Employee Slams Diversity Efforts”

  • Women make up 25 percent of the company’s leadership
  • Women hold 20 percent of technology jobs
  • Overall, 31 percent of Google’s employees are female
  • 56 percent of employees are white; 35 percent are Asian
  • 4 percent are Hispanic, 4 percent are mixed-race, and 2 percent are black

Google is not alone with this problem. The test for diversity is not reading public relations press releases, but direct observation. Walk into a company’s offices. How many women do you see? How many over forty in leadership? How many are making six figures? If it is not half the population, the company has some work to do. Start hiring women and pay them market rates.

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Feb. 5, 2017 Blumbers

Citizen Status Symbol

On Jan. 29, 2017, Bloomberg’s Peter Elstrom and Saritha Rai wrote “Trump’s Next Immigration Move to Hit Closer to Home for Tech” about the new administration’s immigration restrictions on high tech workers. It affected Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra and Wipro’s ability to supply cheap H1B labor to Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and Twitter. “Ron Hira, an associate professor at Howard University, who has done extensive research on the subject, points out workers at outsourcers are typically not treated as well as others. The median wage at outsourcing firms for H-1B workers was less than $70,000, while Apple, Google and Microsoft paid their employees in the program more than $100,000, according to data he collected. That suggests the American companies are going after true, highly skilled employees, while the outsourcers are recruiting less expensive talent, he said.”

On Jan. 31, 2017, The New Republic’s Clio Chang wrote “Silicon Valley’s Uneasy Muslim Ban Dance” about Silicon Valley’s reaction to the new restrictions. “Within the structure of American capitalism, the average tech CEO has more in common with a billionaire like Donald Trump than with the average immigrant worker or refugee. That many of them continue to find ways to work with Trump and to undercut protests to protect their profits should come as no surprise. Trump is ushering in a plutocratic era that requires us to demand the most from those in powerful positions; to do so, we must first shed the assumption that Silicon Valley is on the side of the people.”

Quietly many tech executives are furious. They helped get the president elected hoping they would not have to pay taxes. The money they thought they would make may have to go toward hiring US citizens at market rates. Citizens also have an advantage because they have no travel restrictions as there might be with visas or green cards. Foreign workers who are captive in a way that even Frederick Douglass would be concerned but U.S. citizens can just walk across the street. You know, all that free market stuff conservatives talk about, until they need help.

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Mar. 1, 2015 Blumbers

Spock Is Dead

I had just finished interviewing someone about the FCC’s upholding Network Neutrality, when I got the news about Leonard Nimoy. I was walking through a Silicon Valley office park when I saw a man crying on a park bench. He was busily texting as I watched other people walking around begin checking their devices. “Spock is dead!” another man shouted. It was big news here. Many people have no clue how big an influence Star Trek had on people. Young people watched that show and decided they were going study math and science. Leonard Nimoy’s Spock is an example of how art inspired technology and in turn created more art. Live long and prosper.

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Aug. 15, 2013 GABA Hardware Startups

gabalogoBartschat Steffen Bowie Scott Pierce Mike Raab Ken Strohband Sven 2 Zimmermann Daniel

On Thursday, Aug 15, 2013 in Palo Alto at WilmerHale, GABA presented “The Rise of the Hardware Startup.” Steffen Bartschat of Hill88 moderated panelists Scott Bowie of Zao Technology Innovations, Mike Pierce of LUMO BodyTech, Ken Raab of Sonic Manufacturing and Sven Strohband of Khosla Ventures. They discussed KPCB technology expert Mary Meeker’s recognition of the Wearable/Everywhere Computing trend. After years of startups focusing on software they are now developing devices to run it on. Many of these devices are plastic boxes with batteries powering sensing and networking technology. The rise of additive manufacturing and 3D printing helps lower the barrier of entry, but designing and getting these devices to market is much more complicated than uploading an app. There are financial, physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, logistical, legal and retail hurdles to overcome. Startups turn to experienced manufacturing contractors to get them through the prototyping and early manufacturing process. While making something in China seems like a foregone conclusion, there are capable contract manufacturing contractors in Silicon Valley who can work closely and quickly with a startup to get them to customers without a copy going out the back door. Making hardware is hard, but for a growing number if startups it is worth the risk.

IMG_6582DJClinecom IMG_6583DJClinecom IMG_6585DJClinecom IMG_6587DJClinecom IMG_6594DJClinecom IMG_6595DJClinecom IMG_6597DJClinecom IMG_6599DJClinecom IMG_6600DJClinecom IMG_6601DJClinecom IMG_6602DJClinecom IMG_6603DJClinecom IMG_6605DJClinecom IMG_6607DJClinecom IMG_6610DJClinecom IMG_6613DJClinecom IMG_6625DJClinecom IMG_6635DJClinecom IMG_6688DJClinecom IMG_6726DJClinecom IMG_6729DJClinecom IMG_6735DJClinecom IMG_6738DJClinecom

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Jul. 23, 2013 AAMA Gavin Ni China VC And PE


On July 23, 2013 in Santa Clara at Silicon Valley Bank, the AAMA hosted Gavin Ni’s presentation “Is Venture Capital and Private Equity still a ‘Fashion’ Business in China?”  Catharina Min, Managing Partner at ReedSmith moderated panelists Gavin Ni, CEO and Founder of Zero2IPO, Andy Tsao, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank, Jay Yan, Partner at ReedSmith, Raymond Yang, Co-Founder and Managing Director of WestSummit Capital. They talked about the current state and future trends of cross border investment between China and the United States. Also attending were China’s leading fund executives to meet with members of the Tsinghua University China Entrepreneurs Training Camp in Silicon Valley.

Min Catharina Ni Gavin Tsao Andy 1 Yan Jay Yang Raymond

IMG_5213DJClinecom IMG_5214DJClinecom IMG_5215DJClinecom IMG_5216DJClinecom IMG_5217DJClinecom IMG_5218DJClinecom IMG_5219DJClinecom IMG_5220DJClinecom IMG_5222DJClinecom IMG_5223DJClinecom IMG_5225DJClinecom IMG_5227DJClinecom IMG_5228DJClinecom IMG_5229DJClinecom IMG_5230DJClinecom IMG_5234DJClinecom IMG_5235DJClinecom IMG_5241DJClinecom IMG_5245DJClinecom IMG_5251DJClinecom IMG_5253DJClinecom IMG_5254DJClinecom IMG_5258DJCllinecom IMG_5259DJClinecom IMG_5260DJClinecom IMG_5262DJClinecom IMG_5263DJClinecom IMG_5269DJClinecom IMG_5274DJCliinecom IMG_5296DJClinecom IMG_5309DJClinecom IMG_5328DJClinecom IMG_5369DJClinecom IMG_5379DJClinecom

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May 6, 2013 US State Dept. TechWomen Mentoring Across Borders


On Monday May 6, 2013 in Sunnyvale at Juniper Networks, TechWomen.org presented “Mentoring Across Borders: Empower the Next Generation of Global Women Leaders.” Speakers included Dr. Allan E. Goodman, President and CEO of the Institute of International Education, Felicia Mayo, Senior Director of Authenticity and Inclusion at Juniper, Heather Ramsey, Director of TechWomen, Steve Rice, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Juniper and Lee A. Satterfield, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Sheila Casey, Deputy Director of the Office of Citizen Exchanges moderated panelists Erica Lockheimer of LinkedIn, Julia Lovin of Juniper, Audrey Simpson of Ericsson and Evelyn Zoubi of eCloset.me.

TechWomen is an Initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It is managed by the Institute of International Education’s Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives. The program is looking for Silicon Valley mentors to encourage women from Africa and the Middle East to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Hosai Omarkhil of Apple attended this event.

Aggarwal Suneeta Ahmed Shagufta Alqadhy Samarah Banducci Bonita Bhattiprolu Seena Carey Linda Chaplot Shraddha Casey Sheila Corbeil Johanne Dathathri Shruthi Deo Ara Dickinson KatyEmens Radhika Eyoum MarieAnge FairrerSmani Jeannice Flaherty Lauren Flynn Angela Francis Linda Goodman Allan Gordon FrancineJessica Kaul Meera KaulBasu Meena Lockheimer Erica Lovin Julia Mayo Felicia McElyea Shannon Messina Michelle Miller AmyLynn Miot Arezoo Murray Gwyn Nguyen Caoline Ramsey Heather Rao Anita Rice Steven Sarab Satterfield Lee Scherm Kathy Sethi Deepa Sharma Swasti Shipley Chris Simha Sowmya Simpson Audrey Susan T Priya Tandon Sanjay Tonge Christy Tran ThuyLinh  Yu Ada Zoubi Evelyn

IMG_9495DJClinecom IMG_9498DJClinecom IMG_9537DJClinecom IMG_9529DJClinecomIMG_9569DJClinecom DSC_0387DJClinecom DSC_0395DJClinecom DSC_0415DJClinecomDSC_0434DJClinecom DSC_0437DJClinecom DSC_0487DJClinecom DSC_0459DJClinecomDSC_0491DJClinecom IMG_9619DJClinecom DSC_0517DJClinecom IMG_9621DJClinecomIMG_9500DJClinecom IMG_9507DJClinecom IMG_9508DJClinecom IMG_9512DJClinecom IMG_9513DJClinecom IMG_9515DJClinecom  IMG_9522DJClinecom IMG_9524DJClinecom IMG_9528DJClinecom IMG_9532DJClinecom IMG_9533DJClinecom IMG_9544DJClinecom IMG_9549DJClinecom IMG_9550DJClinecom IMG_9558DJClinecom IMG_9559DJClinecomIMG_9585DJClinecom IMG_9598DJClinecom IMG_9629DJClinecom IMG_9632DJClinecom IMG_9633DJClinecom IMG_9634DJClinecom IMG_9635DJClinecom IMG_9627DJClinecomIMG_9555DJClinecom IMG_9499DJClinecom

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Jul. 27, 2012 US Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Joint Chiefs of Staff

On Friday, July 27, 2012 in San Francisco at Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel, the Commonwealth Club and the Marines Memorial Association hosted General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He spoke on “Current International Security Challenges and the Future of the U.S.” with George Scalise, President of Semiconductor Industry Association. Dempsey was wrapping up a tour in Silicon Valley after meeting the staff of Facebook and other high tech companies. He thinks they should be thinking about the future at least as much as the military does.

Earlier this week, Dempsey oversaw the changeover in command at the Defense Intelligence Agency from Burgess to Flynn. It is part of a larger process of better cooperation between the military and civilians to speed up the gathering and acting upon timely intelligence using emerging technology.

He also spoke about the military shift from the Middle East to the Asia Pacific region. While some see this as a way to contain China’s growing influence, he thinks it would be unusual if the United States did not have any presence in the region. The challenge will be to do this with smaller budgets and fewer personnel. America has over 300 million people but fewer than three million active and reserve duty personnel. The all volunteer military is more diverse and far different than the days of the draft. Professional soldiers have more training to operate complex equipment in chaotic situations. Even if there were a draft, only one in four young people can meet the all the physical and academic requirements to serve. A military is only as strong as the citizens it defends.

At a press conference afterwards, Mark Matthews of ABC KGO-TV asked about the recent trouble at Lackland Air Force Base. I recommend checking Matthews report on this. Jeff King of CNN was there as well. At a later funny moment, Dempsey wryly commented on my camera as being very “stealthy.” If it really were, he would not have noticed it. I hope he enjoys the pictures.

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Dec. 7, 2011 WCA Mobile Life Changers

On Wednesday, December 7, 2011 in Sunnyvale at Nokia Silicon Valley, WCA presented “Next Generation, Life-Changing Mobile & LBS Solutions plus WCA Holiday Party.” Gigi Wang of WCA moderated panelists Bo Begole of PARC, Micha Benolier of OpenGarden, Juliana Carnes of MVS, Kayshav Dattatri of Cisco Systems, Christophe Ramstein of Immersion and Brian Salisbury of TeleCommunication Systems.

Here are things that are on the horizon:

A system that can remind you to bring your accident paperwork to an insurance office.

A heads up GPS display so you can see where you are going without looking at one of those dashboard screens.

A mesh network that doesn’t overload in crowded heavy usage situations like airports or sporting events.

A touch screen with haptic feedback so real you can feel virtual guitar strings.

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Jun. 8, 2011 STC Summit Sacramento

On June 8, 2011, Cherie Woodward and Prescott Williams of Sacramento STC notified Daniel Doornbos that the Silicon Valley STC had sent forty members to the summit, more than any other chapter. This success was the result of many volunteers from across the bay area who planned, promoted, organized and covered this event. Congratulations NorCal STC members! Join us and celebrate at our Schmooze on June 23, 2011 at the Redwood City Chevy’s,

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May 25, 2011 Commonwealth Club Jack Dorsey Twitter

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011 in San Francisco at the Commonwealth Club, Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square received the 21st Century Visionary Award. Kara Swisher of AllThingsD talked with him about his journey from learning dispatch systems in St. Louis and New York City to Silicon Valley. While Twitter has become a technological and political force, Dorsey thinks his Square device will change the way mobile electronic transactions are handled around the world. While he has support from Visa, Google and PayPal are offering solutions in the same space. I wonder if there will be an announcement about some Square deal with Apple at WWDC.

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Apr. 26, 2011 SDF NSF SBIR Figueroa

On Apr. 26, 2011, in Redwood City at White & Lee, SDForum hosted Dr. Juan Figueroa’s presentation “Tapping Federal Money for Research and Development.” Starting his career at Bell Labs, Figueroa is now Program Director for the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research (NSF SBIR) program which is part of the Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships, Directorate for Engineering (NSF ENG/IIP).

Over the past sixty years the NSF has invested in a wide range of technology that we use everyday. The Internet is the best example of how government funding for innovation can create whole new industries and jobs. SBIR brings together academia, public and private sectors to commercialize innovation. As Geoff Nicholson of 3M said “Innovation is the transformation of knowledge into money.”

SBIR helps companies get the no-dilution, no-debt startup capital needed for research and development to begin early stage commercialization. While many experienced Silicon Valley experts review proposals from all over the country, Figueroa came to encourage more local candidates to apply for this sort of gap funding. While not intended to be the sole source of funding, entrepreneurs can follow the procedures and get project funding up to $150,000 within six months to year. He also recommended looking for additional support from city, county, state and federal programs looking to encourage job growth.

For people interested in submitting proposals Figueroa recommended following the Grant Proposal Guide. Do not wait until the last minute to contact program directors. Scope to the project to your capabilities and the funding you are asking for. Make sure it is appropriate for the government program. For example, a defense project might be better targeted toward DARPA and not SBIR. The people reviewing proposals want to the answers to four questions. What is the research objective? What is the technical approach? What facilities will be used? And finally, is it worth doing?

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Mar. 29, 2011 SDF Global Women’s Journey

On March 29, 2011 in San Jose at Adobe, SDForum and BayBrazil celebrated International Women’s Day by launching the Global Women’s Journey series discussing the path to leadership. Maggie Shiels of the BBC moderated panelists Ana Paula Fernandes of Mettler-Toledo, Mei Lin Fung of Institute for Service Organization Excellence, Kirsti Kierulf of Accenture, Anu Shukla of Koinz Media and Whitney Tidmarsh of EMC.

Over the next decade a billion women will enter the global workforce, in some places outnumbering men in upper management. In America, women own ten million businesses and own twenty percent of all businesses with annual revenue over a million dollars. In California, women are on 9.5 percent of board seats at 400 of the largest publicly held positions, according to a UC Davis study. In Silicon Valley, women from diverse backgrounds increasingly find themselves on the path to leadership by starting their own businesses. Global changes in attitude help drive this social, economic and political process. It begins with access to education and recognizing individual strengths and abilities. Education opens the door to networking and business opportunities. Building wealth builds influence which is the path to leadership. An important part is to network. The rise of social networking technology helps people build alliances and help others on the path to leadership.

Musician Romeo Ribeiro opened the event with beautiful Brazilian song. I now have to find more of his music. Chrysa Caufield of Tendril in Boulder Colorado attended this event.

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Jun. 23, 2010 AmBAR Medvedev Silicon Valley

On June 23, 2010 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Silicon Valley companies Apple and Cisco to learn how to set up a research and development center outside of Moscow in Skolkovo. Medvedev also spoke to AmBAR members at Stanford University’s Dinkelspiel Auditorium. While he used the latest iPad and Twitter in his speech, no photos were allowed to be taken at the event, sending mixed messages about openness and transparency. Obviously a lot of work needs to be done.

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Feb. 23, 2008 STC Breaking Into API Docs with Jim Bisso

stclogo1.jpgDoc APIs.jpgBisso James copy.jpgMaki Viki face1.jpg

On Saturday, February 23, 2008, 10 – 11 am PST, you can talk with Bitzone’s Jim Bisso about breaking into API Documentation. Bisso is a 20-year veteran of documenting APIs and co-author of “Writing Developer Documentation for Java APIs and SDKs” with Viki Maki. When I have question on API’s, this is the guy I ask.

To participate send your name and Yahoo! ID to Viki Maki by Friday, February 22, 12 noon PST at:


Note: You should also have Yahoo Messenger installed. While the chat is limited to SIG members, membership in the SIG is free. To subscribe to the SIG send an email to:


or visit the STC-SVC chapter homepage at:


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