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Jun. 24, 2010 SDF Visionary Awards 1

On June 24, 2010 at Kelly Porter’s home in Lost Alto Hills, SDForum held its annual Visionary Awards. The house looks like something Shakespeare would live in if he had written for Hollywood. The place made me giggle.

Previous visionaries attending were Forest Baskett of New Enterprise Associates, Bill Draper of Draper Richards, Doug Engelbart of Stanford, James Gosling of Norquay, Diane Greene of VMware, Steve Kirsch of Propel, Steven Levy of Wired and Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad. This year the first visionary was Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn introduced by Jeff Weiner. The second visionary was Arthur C. Patterson of Accel Partners introduced by Ram Varadarajan of Arcot Systems. The third visionary was Brent Schlender of Techonomy introduced by Bill Gates of Microsoft. The fourth visionary was Chris Shipley of Guidewire Group introduced by Wendy Lea of Get Satisfaction. There will be more pictures can be seen at:




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