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May 22, 2016 Blumbers


It was a cold and windy Super Bowl Sunday. I was buying some last minute supplies for a party. In front of me in line was a young man wearing one of those uniforms from an oil change garage. He pulled out a very thin wallet and pretty much emptied it to pay for groceries. His wife was holding their baby and trying to keep it quiet. She was wearing a head scarf. She adjusted the scarf to cover the child. What struck me was pattern of stars and stripes. It was beautifully done. I respected their privacy and did not take a picture. It did not seem right. People send messages in what they wear. To me it said “I wear a scarf and I love this country.” They walked out of the store and I never saw them again.

A couple of weeks later I was in the Yosemite gift shop and saw the scarf for sale. This is probably where the woman bought it. America does not have a dress code. It does have a First Amendment. Picture below.


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