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Feb. 7, 2013 Intelligent Content Conference


On February 7, 2013 in San Francisco at UCSF Mission Bay the Intelligent Content Conference held “#ICC2013”, their fifth annual conference on advanced information creation, management and delivery strategies. Below were some of the people presenting and pictures of the event.

Scott Abel, Chief Content Strategist, The Content Wrangler -Welcome to Intelligent Content 2013

Andrea Ames, Information experience strategist and architect, IBM – Zentangle 101 – When Worlds Collide: Improving the User Experience by Applying Progressive Information Disclosure

Jean-Francois Ameye, VP, Support and Services, IXIASOFT – Engineers, SMEs, Contributors: Including Them In The Documentation Review Process

Rahel Anne Bailie, Content Strategy Consultant, Intentional Design Inc. – Intelligent Content Starts with an Intelligent Content Strategy: A Case Study – Content Typing Made Easy

Mark Baker, President, Analecta Communications Inc. – Writing Every Page is Page One Topics

France Baril, Documentation architect, Architextus – Documenting a Device that Fits in Your Pocket. Simple Enough, Right?

PG Bartlett, SVP Product Management, Acrolinx – New Tools to Hone Your Writing and Sharpen Your Competitive Edge – SEO Isn’t Just for Web Geeks – New Tools to Improve Findability

Maria Bartoszewicki, Director, Interactive eBooks, Aptara – Your Interactive eBook Options in 30 Minutes Inkling, iBooks Author, Adobe DPS, or a Custom HTML5 Solution?

Andrew Bredenkamp, President & Founder, Acrolinx – Editing Content To Save Lives

Sarah Beckley, Senior Content Strategist, Razorfish – How to Future-proof Your Content

Margot Bloomstein, Principal, Brand & content strategist, Appropriate, Inc. – Sweetening the Deal of Corporate Publishing

Michael Boses, Co-Founder, Contellligence Group – How Things Work: a Manager’s Guide to Creating Intelligent Content

Jennifer Bown, Content Strategist, Nutshell Communications – Documenting a Device that Fits in Your Pocket. Simple Enough, Right?

Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Principal, Comgenesis, LLC – Gamifying eBook Publishing

Paul Canetti, CEO, Maz Digital – The Future of Tablet and Mobile Publishing

Mindy Carner, Taxonomy Specialist, UNICEF – Incorporating Natural Language Search into a Heavily Controlled Vocabulary

Matthew Cavnar, VP of Business Development, Vook – Enhanced eBooks: Social, Networks, and Connectivity

Gail Chappell, Technical Writer, Vmware – Jump Start Your Mobile Project

Cindy Church, Senior Curriculum Developer, Oracle – Jump Start Your Mobile Project

Charles Cooper, VP, The Rockley Group – I Know It’s Here Somewhere: Finding Content on Mobile Devices

Cindy Coleman, Co-Founder, Take Pride Learning – Distributed Teams Writing With One Voice

Jonathon Colman, Principal Experience Architect, REI – Enterprise SEO and Content Strategy – Working Together to Stop the Pain

Tom Comerford, Senior consultant, Supratext LLC – Content Measurement

Laura Creekmore, President, Creek Content – Distributed Teams Writing With One Voice – Creating a Governance Framework for Flexibility

Adam DuVander, Executive Editor, ProgrammableWeb  – Demystifying Distribution of Content-as-a-Service

Don Day, Co-Founder, Contelligence Group LLC – Working With HTML5 Themes and Enhancements

Tosca Fasso, Director, Content & Digital Strategy, SUBTXT – Worth a Thousand Words: Visualization 101 for Verbal Professionals

Jennifer Fell, Consultant – Designing Componentized Content

Tom Fishburne, Founder/CEO, Marketoon Studios – Content Worth Sharing: What Marketers Can Learn From Cartoons

DJ Francis, VP, Content Strategy, Imagination – Content Strategy EQ: How to Craft Your Content Story for Internal (and Executive!) Buy-in

Joe Gelb, President, Suite Solutions – Enabling Contextually Relevant Enterprise Intelligent Content

Stefan Gentz, Senior Consultant, TRACOM – Leading the Change

Chip Gettinger, VP, XML Solutions, SDL – Real-time Review and Collaboration with Agile Product Development – Customer Experience and Making it work for Dynamic Product Content

Robert Glushko, Adjunct Professor, University of California, Berkeley – The Implications of Intelligent Content for eBooks

Joe Gollner, Director, Gnostyx Research Inc. – Professional Publishing: Intelligent eBooks for Working Professionals

Steve Gotz, Commercial Development Manager, CNGL – Global Intelligent Content – How Do We Make Content Reactive, Reflective and Personal?

Eeshita Grover, Senior Manager, Documentation, Cisco – Content: Mobile and Video – Cisco Technical Communications

Richard Hamilton, Publisher, XML Press – The Road to Mobile Goes Through XML

Jake Hartnell, Science Fiction Writer / Graduate Student, UC Berkeley – eBooks Readers as Browsers

Christopher Hill, Vice President, Product Management, RSI Content Solutions – A Tale of Content Management: Today’s Publishing Factory (RSuite CMS)

Maxwell Hoffmann, Product Evangelist, Tech Comm, ADOBE – HTML5 Tablet and Mobile Output for “Everyone”: icon based tools for Corporate Publishing (Adobe)

Jason Holmberg, Principal Information Architect, EMC Corporation – Content Management with Teeth: Epiphanies from Shark Research

Amy Hynes, Digital Project Manager, Clipper Magazine – Clipper Magazine Case Study: Taking Advertising Sales Support Mobile

Daniel Jacobson, Director of Engineering, Netflix API, Netflix – Set Your Content Free : How to Support Hundreds of Devices at Once

Marcia Johnston, President, Marcia Riefer Johnston, Inc. – Write Tight(er): The Workshop

Cheryl Landes, Chief Findability Strategist, Tabby Cat Communications – I Know It’s Here Somewhere: Finding Content on Mobile Devices

Tom Magliery, XML Technology Specialist, JustSystems Canada, Inc. – Top XMetaL Secrets! –

Thad McIlroy, Principal, The Future of Publishing – Metadata’s Beating Heart

Michael Moon, CEO, GISTICS – Marketing Copy and Claims Repository: Fixing the Weakest Link in Content Marketing Operations – XMetaL 8 Sneak Peek

Jim Nasr, CEO, Armedia – Best Practices for Development of iPad Content-Rich Solutions

Kevin Nichols, Director, Global Practice Lead, Content Strategy, Sapient/Nitro – Positioning Content for Success – A Metrics Driven Strategy – Discovery Well Done = Right Delivery. Right Content. Right User. Right Context.

Jeff Nowak, Founder / Chief Content Officer, Rocket Man Digita – Case Study: Every Company is a Publisher-The General Mills Story

Derek Olson, Vice President, Foraker Labs – A Mighty Content Strategy for a Tiny Nonprofit Helps Millions of People with Breast Cancer Every Year – Preparing Your Content for Mobile

Sarah O’Keefe, President, Scriptorium Publishing – Adapt or Die: Managing Increasing Content Velocity

Paul Perrotta, Director of Shared Content Services, Information Experience, Juniper Networks – What Not To Do – Technology Is Not the Problem

Shawn Prenzlow, Senior Content Strategist, Steyer Associates, Inc. – A Content Strategist’s Toolbox for Resource and Budget Planning

Laurel Prokop, President, CEO, Techstyle Group LLC – Write What You Mean

Marta Rauch, Principal Information Developer and Team Lead, Oracle – Gamifying eBook Publishing – Jump Start Your Mobile Project

AJ Renold, Masters Student, UC Berkeley School of Information – The eReading Experience: What Product Wraps a Book and Why is it important?

Ann Rockley, CEO, The Rockley Group – Welcome to Intelligent Content 2013

Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker, Big Blue Moose – Mobile Content Marketing – Madness or Money?

Buddy Scalera, SVP, Content Strategy and Media, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide – Channel-Agnostic Content Strategy for Happy Marketers

Rebecca Schneider, President, Azzard Consulting – Positioning Content for Success – A Metrics Driven Strategy – Discovery Well Done = Right Delivery. Right Content. Right User. Right Context.

Paraic Sheridan, Associate Director, CNGL – Global Intelligent Content – How Do We Make Content Reactive, Reflective and Personal?

Russell Sparkman, CEO, FusionSpark Media, Inc. – Content is NOT King. It’s Gold!

Val Swisher, CEO , Content Rules – Planning Your Global Content Strategy – Global Content Strategy Best Practices – Editing Content To Save Lives

Joshua Tallent, Founder/CEO, eBook Architects – How eBooks Really Work

Lori Thicke, Founder, Translators without Borders/LexWorks Acrolinx – Editing Content To Save Lives

Andrew Thomas, Director of Product Marketing, SDL, Content Management Technologies – Real-time Review and Collaboration with Agile Product Development (SDL)

Reuben Tozman, Chief Learning Officer, edCetra Training Inc – Learning on Demand – How the Evolution of Technology is Shaping the Future of Learning

Noz Urbina, Senior Consultant, Mekon – An Integrated Content LifeCycle for a Multichannel World

Kapil Verma, Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Systems – Publish Anywhere, Anytime – Doing More With Less!

Christopher Ward, Director of Sales, Quadralay Corp. – Generating Revenue Across Multiple Screens

Michael Weiss, Managing Director, figure18 – Don Draper Is Dead: Pitching in a Global, Mobile World

Jon Wuebben, CEO, Content Launch – Content is Currency — Developing Powerful Content for Web and Mobile

Michele Zwiebel, Director of Programs and Content, Breastcancer.org – A Mighty Content Strategy for a Tiny Nonprofit Helps Millions of People with Breast Cancer Every Year – Preparing Your Content for Mobile

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