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Mar. 14, 2012 SVForum Social Location Mobile

On Wednesday, March 14, 2012 in Palo Alto at Cooley LLP, SVForum presented “SoLoMo: Social, Location, and Mobile). Sam Coates of Cooley LLP moderated panelists Matt Miesnieks of Dekko, Sunil Nagaraj of Bessemer Venture Partners and Eghosa Omoigui of EchoVC.

This combination of fast developing technology will overwhelm any other single trend. Smartphones are using location-aware software to provide users with reports about their health, travel, or exercise habits from startups like FitBit, Tripit, and RunKeeper. We are in the post TV and PC world and moving toward the world of ubiquitous intelligent technology that we interact with by voice, motion or even implanted devices.

All this integration raises privacy and safety concerns. It would be a shame if all this monitoring technology broadcast so much radiation to make you sick or took up so much bandwidth that you could not get emergency help in time. Whatever problems it generates will be faced by the next generation of startups.

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