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May 22, 2012 STC Summit Awards

On May 22, 2012 in at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont near Chicago, STC held a Awards ceremony announcing this year’s Fellows and Associate Fellows of the Society at the Honors Banquet. The winners are:

Associate Fellows

Bernard Aschwanden – For your outstanding contributions to all levels of STC as a leader, educator, and mentor, and for your inspiration, enthusiasm, and creativity in the field of technical communication.

Pamela Estes Brewer – For passionately supporting communication between those who practice and those who teach in the field of technical communication, and for promoting global communication to students of technical writing.

Ann Pavkovic Grove – For your unwavering support of the Society, the industry, and the individual through your passion to instruct, coach, and connect communicators pursuing enhanced careers.

John Kohl – For enhancing the international facet of STC by defining and championing global English guidelines and for continuing to advocate and raise the profile of effective technical communication through original research and presentations.

Nathaniel Lim – For engaging STC members and nonmembers to become more involved in STC and its educational offerings while simultaneously exhibiting exemplary performance in your own career as a technical communication professional.

Janette Lynch – For your long-term, unwavering commitment to the Society; for promoting the profession outside of North America; and for your enthusiasm and drive to revive and keep STC European chapters vibrant, viable, and valuable.

Lori Meyer – For your outstanding, selfless service to the profession and the Society through innovative uses of Web technologies to maintain a virtual, enthusiastic presence in multiple geographically disbursed STC communities.

Linda Enders Roberts – For your continuing efforts in emphasizing the importance of accessible communications, your dedication to teaching in the classroom and the workplace, and your leadership and service to STC and other communities.

Heather Sommerville – For unflagging dedication to the STC and as a model leader bringing honour to the profession. For generous contributions of time, expertise, common sense, tact, and good humour to revitalize and grow the Canada West Coast Chapter.


DJ Cline – For your support and leadership of the Silicon Valley Chapter; always envisioning the bigger picture; transcending limits while exhibiting patience and stamina; and demonstrating your exceptional leadership skills to mentor, listen, encourage, and empower others.

Charles Fisher – For your lifetime commitment to the field of technical communication and your invaluable contribution to the effort to design and implement a certification program for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator credential.

Helen M. Grady – For your contributions to improve professional communication instruction and research; your ability to mentor students as an advisor and friend; and your contributions to the body of knowledge for both technical communication and engineering communication.

Jeff Haas – For innovative thinking, dedication to serving STC in many roles, and for your passion for sharing your knowledge with others in the field.

Deborah Lockwood – For your outstanding service to the Rocky Mountain Chapter, your continued dedication mentoring technical communicators, and your exemplary contributions to the community through your professional and educational activities.

Michael Markley – For your long-term commitment to the profession of technical communication and for your leadership of the Management SIG during a time of great transformation in the Society.

Patricia Moell – For excellence in the field of technical editing, for leading and mentoring technical editors throughout your career, and for demonstrating the value of technical editing.

Lisa Pappas – For your technical expertise and passionate commitment to universal accessibility; your dedicated work, technical contributions, and leadership of the AccessAbility SIG; and demonstrating how a technical communicator should contribute as an advocate, mentor, and technical innovator.

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