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Oct. 23, 2016 Blumbers

Top Ten Signs Of A Rigged Timeline

Here are ten signs that someone is just messing with our timeline.

  1. US President and actor Ronald Reagan
  2. California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  3. California Congressional Representative and singer Sonny Bono
  4. Minnesota Governor and professional wrestler Hulk Hogan
  5. Minnesota Senator comedy writer Al Franken
  6. Iowa Congressional Representative and Love Boat actor Fred Grandy
  7. Academy Award Winner Marisa Tomei
  8. The 1969 Mets
  9. The Chicago Cubs
  10. Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3

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Oct. 7, 2013 Chris Matthews MSNBC

Commonwealthlogo3 Matthews Chris tipandgipper

On October 7, 2013 in Palo Alto in the Schultz Cultural Hall at the Oshman Family JCC Cultural Arts Center, the Commonwealth Club hosted Chris Matthews of MSNBC and author of “Tip and Gipper: When Politics Worked.” He talked about how back in the 1980s President Ronald Reagan was able to work with House Speaker Tip O’Neill and compared it to the current Republican shutdown of the Federal government.

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