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Aug. 18, 2015 Robot Car Implications

There are lots of implications about a complete roll out of robotic electric cars. You would not have to own one. You would pay only for what you need when you need it. There would be no cab drivers. There would be a fleet of cars that you could order up from your phone. You would not have car payments or insurance premiums or fuel bills. You could have even more storage space in your garage. There would be no accidents or traffic. People could use their devices as they move down the street. Older people could still be mobile and active. Kids could go to school without a bus. It might be more efficient than mass transit because it would take people to precisely where they want to go without waiting for a bus. You might be safer than on a bus. Police would not have to pull people over for traffic violations. Suspects would be locked in and taken into custody (unsettling for the innocent).

Who would own this fleet of cars? Corporations or communities?

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