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Jul. 29, 2010 SDF Redefining Green

On July 29, 2010 in Santa Clara at EMC, SDForum Tech Women’s SIG hosted “Redefining Green.” Laura Erkeneff of Sustainable People Systems and Training For Techies moderated panelists Deborah Hirsh of B Corp, Susan Hollingshead of Working for Good, Susan Petty of AltaRock Energy and Kevin Surace of Serious Materials. They looked at how women are building green businesses and the impact it will have on the world.

While surveys indicate most people want to help the environment, it is hard to determine if the companies they work for are going green. There needs to be more hard comparable numbers available so customers can make sound environmental decisions. Buying reusable thermos makes sense if you are going to reuse it 500 times but not if it sits on a shelf at home after three times. Investing in a hundred solar panel companies does not make sense if only ten will survive to be profitable. If most of your energy is used to cool, heat or power building, then maybe that should higher priority than transportation networks.

Ultimately going green is about more than new products or services. It is about changing behavior and thinking about more efficient ways of doing things. Companies that understand and align their practices with new policies will dominate future markets.

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