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Sep. 16, 2012 Blumbers

Plaque Attack

One of my people called and said that the STC Fellow plaque arrived by mail. I was at the Chicago Summit last May and picked up the certificate, but somehow this made it more real.

For years I worked in the shadows. Much of my work is behind the scenes. I try to impress on high tech companies to design their products so they do not require large documentation structures. Good user design is about subtraction, editing and rethinking processes. If your company requires training customers or employees to use your product or service, you need to rethink things.

Then something happens and you cannot keep a low profile.There was a crisis at STC and we had to act. We had to think not just about ourselves or our local chapter, but about the entire organization. We had to think not just about our current members but about future members who might need it. Others felt the same way and that was how we won. This plaque is just a tangible symbol of years of successful interactions with thousands of people working toward a common goal. It is what professional organizations are all about. Thanks to everyone at STC.

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