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Mar. 17, 2014 STC Tableau Visualizing Data

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On Mar. 17, 2014 at the IHOP Restaurant in Santa Clara, STC Silicon Valley Chapter (www.stc-siliconvalley.org/) presented “10 Questions to Keep In Mind When Visualizing Data.” The presentation was given remotely by a nice guy in Pennsylvania, who showed the wonders of Tableau, a game changing application that takes advantage of new big data analytics.

I call this meeting the night I almost bought a karaoke machine. In order to hear the presentation, we needed external speakers. I drove over to the closest Fry’s Electronics store. I was in a hurry and saw a karaoke machine on sale for forty dollars. It would do the job but I kept looking. Fortunately I found a very reasonable set of speakers for ten dollars. The speakers gave off an eerie blue light. Since I could not photograph the human speaker, I decided to photograph the electronic one.

Also on hand were the newly elected chapter officers President David Hovey, Vice President Marta Rauch, Treasurer Gillian Flato and Secretary Tom Johnson. Congratulations!

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