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Oct. 5, 2017 Life Expectancy

On Oct. 5, 2017 NPR’s¬†Emily Sohn reported “People Are Living Longer In Places You Wouldn’t Expect”¬†Christopher Murray, of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health talked about the new study. “Since 1970, he says, worldwide life expectancy has increased by 14 years, from 58 to 72. And since 1990, the proportion of children who die before their fifth birthday has dropped from nine percent to four percent.”

Murray said in the country of Niger “To keep its little kids alive, the government has set ambitious goals, including a policy instituted in 2006 that offers free health care to women and children. There’s also a national program to train more community health workers. As a result, more children are vaccinated for diseases and treated for major childhood killers like diarrhea.” So if you have free health care, you live longer?

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