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Oct. 12, 2015 The New Yorker

On Oct. 12, 2015 The New Yorker’s Margaret Talbot wrote “The Populist Prophet” about Senator Bernie Sanders and his grassroots campaign for president.

Nicholas Lemann wrote “The Network Man” about Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn and his growing involvement in politics.

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Jul. 21, 2014 The New Yorker

On Jul. 21, 2014, The New Yorker magazine had two interesting articles.

Nicholas Lemann’s “The Hand On The Lever” is about Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.

Louis Menand “The Sex Amendment” is about the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act amendment that recognized women’s rights in Title VII.

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Nov. 11, 2013 The New Yorker

On Nov. 25, 2013 The New Yorker‘s Michael Specter wrote “Climate by the Numbers” about David Freidberg’s Climate Corporation which can give farmers detailed information about the crops in their fields.

Nicholas Lemann wrote “Street Cop” about SEC chair Mary Jo White efforts to control Wall Street.

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Apr. 23, 2012 The New Yorker

On Apr. 23, 2012 The New Yorker’s Nicholas Lemann wrote “Evening The Odds” about the politics of income inequality and the rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement. According to Timothy Noah’s book “The Great Divergence: America’s Growing Inequality Crisis and What Can We do About It?” In 1979 the one percent got nine percent of personal income. In 2012 they get 25 percent. After the economic collapse of 2008 and slow recovery, the one percent got 93 percent of the gains.

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Jun. 27, 2011 The New Yorker

On Jun. 27, 2011 The New Yorker’s Nicholas Lemann wrote “Get Out Of Town” about the growth of US cities. As of the year 2000, eighty percent of Americans live in cities. Richard Florida’s book “The Rise Of The Creative Class” is about what makes cities attractive to white collar workers like scientists or artists. Open, diverse and culturally creative places attract economic growth.

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