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Mar. 30, 2010 SDF Social Search

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On March 30, 2010 in Menlo Park at the Orrick Silicon Valley Office, SDForum’s Search SIG hosted Google’s Damon Horowitz presentation “Social Search.” Horowitz was co-founder and CTO of Aardvark which was acquired by Google in February, where he is now Director of Engineering.

After studying at Columbia, MIT and Stanford he built several intelligent language processing applications at Perspecta, Novation Biosciences and NewsDB. He thought there were limitations with language processing that could overcome by including humans in the loop.  Social search activates the good will to share knowledge. Everybody knows something and it turns out that humans want to help each other. If you ask the right person the right way you will get an answer. Most search engines attempt to organize all the information on the Internet and that is only a fraction of what is available in our heads. Horowitz wants to make all that other previously undigitized information available to search.

Aardvark tries to find the perfect person in your network to answer your question. You are part of a conversation with other experts in a search for useful content across platforms. Members can access it through Instant Messaging (IM), e-mail, website (vark.com), Twitter and an iPhone App. A version for Google’s Android is the next logical step. They  plan to be the social media for over 100 million people and have already attracted interest at TED, Davos, the World Bank, the Fortune 500 and of course the White House. The business model is advertising. If a human expert cannot answer your question a sponsored answer can be offered. That is an attractive option for businesses targeting consumers.

It’s funny that all this machinery that we thought would isolate us is leading us to talk to one another.

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