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Jul. 12, 2017 Seattle Tax Rich

On Jul. 12, 2017 NPR’s Laurel Wamsley reported “‘Most Regressive’ State, Seattle Passes Tax On Highest Incomes”. “The council voted 9-0 in favor of the tax, which will apply a 2.25 percent tax on annual income over $250,000 on individuals, or $500,000 for couples filing jointly. The city estimates the tax will generate $140 million in new annual revenue.” Daniel Beekman of The Seattle Times reported  ” ‘Seattle should serve everyone, not just rich folks,’ software developer Carissa Knipe told the council before the 9-0 vote, saying she makes more than $170,000 per year.  ” ‘I would love to be taxed,’ the 24-year-old from Ballard testified, drawing applause from a room packed with supporters of the tax.”

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