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May 16, 2012 SVForum Health Tech Conference

On Wednesday, May16, 2012 in Redwood City at Sobrato Center for Non-Profits, SVForum held the Health Tech Conference “New Technologies & Business Models for Health.” Medical, technology, government and communication leaders talked about how mobile and information technologies are improving healthcare and reducing costs. They also discussed new government regulation and its impact driving innovation.

Wil Yu of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services gave the opening keynote: “Revolutionizing Care Delivery through Innovation and Mobile Health.”

Andy Brooks of SciMed Partners moderated panelists Rebecca Chiu of MedHelp, Matthew Douglass of Practice Fusion and Shadaab Kanwal of Kaiser Permanente. The topic was “Next Gen Health IT: From Information to Integration, Interconnectedness & Intelligence.”

David Saÿen of Collaborations for Health gave the second keynote “The Government Role in the Future of Health.”

Jafar Shenasa of Proteus Biomedical gave the third keynote “Digital Health, Regulated or Not?”

Noel Gillespie of Procopio moderated panelists Vibhor Rastogi of Intel Capital, Don Ross of HealthTech Capital and Bijan Salehizadeh of NaviMed Capital. The topic was “The Changing Investment Landscape & Business Models in Health: Latest Trends & How Innovators can Create Value and Differentiate.”

AJ Chen of Healthline Networks moderated panelists Dr. Sophia Chang of California Healthcare Foundation, Lisa Hammann of Genentech, Katherine Kim of San Francisco State University and Vineet Singal of Anjna Patient Education. The topic was “Technology & Social Innovation to End Health Disparities.”

Dr. Jeffrey Kaye of Oregon Health & Science University gave the final keynote “Novel Paradigms for Chronic Disease Management.”

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Oct. 26, 2010 SDF Future of Health Innovation

On October 26, 2010 in Palo Alto at Stanford University, SDForum and Innovation Center Denmark held a two day event called the “Future of Health Innovation.” The event covered the “health life cycle” and the new solutions optimizing a healthcare system for the individual. This ranged from promoting healthy living and preventing diseases to better managing and sharing of data between physician, hospital, pharmacy and patient. Done properly it can reduce costs and increase wellness.

Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted of Innovation Center Denmark and Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum welcomed the attendees.

Erik Rasmussen of Monday Morning’s talked about “The Health Journey.” Bertel Haarder, Danish Minister of Interior and Health gave a keynote on ”Entering the Health Age – a Danish perspective.” Hal Wolf of Kaiser Permanente countered with his keynote “Entering the health age – a US perspective.” Erik Rasmussen then moderated a fireside chat with both Haarder and Wolf on ideas and visions in health innovation from two spearheading parts of the world called “Where do we go from here?”

Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum moderated panelists Lene Asholm of National Board of Health, Henning Bruun-Schmidt of IBM ACURE, Matthew Douglass of Practice Fusion and Adams Dudley of UCSF. The subject was “Electronic Medical Records.”

Drew L. Clark of IBM Venture Capital Group gave a keynote “Sustainability on a Smarter Planet: Smarter Hospitals from the Earth up.”

In the afternoon there was showcases of innovation in healthcare IT-systems with Patrick Hulsen of Daintel, Jan Waage of Medical Insight, Lene Grosen and Dr. Henrik Schroll of DAK-E.

Philip Korn of TriNet moderated panelists Anne DeGheest of Medstars Ventures, Dr. Louis Lange of Asset Management, Dan Munro of ipatient and Henrik Bjerregaard Jensen of MedCom. They discussed integrating and educating the IT systems for tomorrow.

Adam Bosworth of KEAS gave a keynote about “Taking health online.”

Jody Ranck of mHealth Alliance moderated panelists Henrik Bennetsen of KataLabs & Mette Terp Hoybye, Stanford, Torben Nielsen of myRegence.com, and Michael Nichols of HealthTap on “Best practices in online health care.”

Mette McCall of McCall Media moderated a fireside chat with the Nordic Chef, Claus Meyer, entrepreneur and co-owner of NOMA Restaurant and “Doctor Slim”, Arne Astrup, Human Nutrition Dept. Head, University of Copenhagen on the subject ”Eat right now! – a debate on how to promote health and healthy living through food.”

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