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Jul. 13, 2013 SVEC Hall Of Fame

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Here are Silicon Valley Engineering Council Hall Of Fame members over the years. Pictured are Bill Adams, Paul Baran, Bob Berry, Roy Clay, Aart de Geus, Doug Engelbart, Richard Elkus, Jane Evans, Celeste Volz Ford, Joseph Goodman, Sam Haddad, Martin Hellman, John Hennessy, David Hodges, Ted Hoff, Tom Kailath, Steve Kang, J. Patrick Kennedy, David Lam, Wiliam Miller, Gordon Moore, Stanley Myers, Jim Omura, Brad Parkinson, Jay Pinson, T.J. Rodgers, Jerry Sanders, Terry Shoup, Jim Spilker, Bernard Widrow, Steve Wozniak.

Adams Bill 12 Baran Paul 2 copy Berry Bob Clay Roy copy DeGeus Aart Engelbart Doug 3 copy Elkus Richard copy Evans Jane 2007 VolzFord Celeste copy Goodman Joseph Haddad Sam Hellman Martin Hennessy John Hodges David Hoff Marcian Ted Kailath Tom Kang Steve Kennedy JPatrick Lam David Miller William copy Moore Gordon Myers Stanley copy Omura Jim Parkinson Brad Pinson Jay Rodgers TJ copy Sanders Jerry Shoup Terry copy Spilker Jim Widrow Bernard Wozniak Steve 12

I’m still looking through the archives for Hall Of Fame members Michael H. Antonacci, Dale L. Compton, Sam Cristofano, Robert Frankenberg, Joseph B. Franzini, Paul J. Friedl, James F. Gibbons, Edward L. Ginzton, Frank Greene, Norman O. Gunderson, James M. Hait, William R. Hewlett, Reynold B. Johnson, Ernest S. Kuh, Ken Levy, John G. Linvill, A. Louis London, Kumar Malavalli, Dan Maydan, Meyya Meyyappan, Fredrick J. Moody, Koichi (Ko) Nishimura, George S. Nolte, Robert N. Noyce, Bernard (Barney) M. Oliver, David Packard, Robert J. Parden, Mihir Parikh, David Patterson, Richard K. Pefley, William J. Perry, Bernard (Barney) M. Oliver, Mary G. Ross, Leo W. Ruth, Barry Sanders, Terry E. Shoup, Sass Somekh, George L. Sullivan, Chang-Lin Tien, Dan Tellep, Dr. Frederick E. Terman, David A. Thompson, Fred H. Tibbetts, Alan M. Title, Anthony (Tony) Turturici, Russell H. Varian, Sigurd F. Varian, Esther Williams, Lotfi Zadeh.

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Nov. 28, 2012 SVEC Open House

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012, in San Jose at the SEMI Global Headquarters, the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) held its Annual Open House Event In Santa Clara. SVEC president Laura Fechete spoke about SVEC Educational Outreach Programs, Keeper of Flame Award and the next Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame Inductees. These will be awarded on Friday, February 19, 2013 during the Engineers Week Banquet at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose.

The keynote speaker was Valery Miftakhov, Ph.D., Founder of Electric Motor Werks on “High Performance Vehicle Conversions.”

Jack Jew, SVEC Keeper of the Flame Committee Chair gave out the KOF award to Marie Cunniffe of Los Lomas High School. Kiran Gunnam officially kicked off our Call for Scholarships, due February 1, 2013.

Stan Myers, SVEC Hall of Fame Committee Chair announced the 2013 Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame Inductees. They are Dr. Aart de Geus, co-founder of Synopsys, Professor Martin Hellman of Stanford University, Professor David A. Hodges, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley and Dr. David K. Lam, founder of Lam Research.

Laura Fechete attended this event.

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