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Nov. 3, 2009 SDF SAP Enabling Innovation

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On November 3, 2009 SDForum and SAP presented “Enabling Innovation”. Chris Shipley of Guidewire Group moderated panelists Gamiel Gran of Sierra Ventures, Kimber Lockhart of Increo Solutions, Dan Pistone of Bridge Bank, Mark F. Radcliffe of DLA Piper and Jeff Seibert of Increo Solutions. They shared their best practices and lessons learned about fostering innovation and entrepreurship with high level SAP Labs leaders from around the world.

Invention is proving a good idea works. Innovation is bringing that idea to market. Small start-ups can move fast. Big companies have more resources. How do you duplicate the startup/venture capitalist/entrepreneur environment in a large corporation?

Silicon Valley evolved a culture of high risk and failure that is contrary to the traditional culture of corporations. Entrepreneurs expect eighty percent of our projects to fail. They are positive in outlook and pragmatic in practice. Some entrepreneurs have a clear idea of what they want. Others are like sculptors and go through a process of subtraction of what they don’t want. To succeed you must try, fail fast and try again, quickly learning from your mistakes. This is hard to do when you are responsible to shareholders and fellow employees. Create a culture of risk taking, be patient but set milestones and limits the way a startup would. Be flexible. Get ready for radical changes in direction overnight, always aware that the clock is ticking.

An important part of innovation is cross-pollination. This process that seems unique to Silicon Valley is cross pollination. At a large company people may stay at the same position for a long time. Entrepreneurs change jobs are constantly, learning from one situation and applying it to another. They get several lifetimes worth of experience they could never get anyplace else. The more you move, the more you learn.

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Sept. 18, 2009 SDF Innovation and Corporate Research Fair

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On September 18, 2009 in Santa Clara at Techmart, SDForum held the Second Annual Open Innovation and Corporate Research Fair: “Innovating in a Down Economy”. Silicon Valley’s leading high-tech corporations, including EMC, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Nokia and PayPal shared their thoughts, insights and best practices on how not only to survive, but to identify market share and growth opportunities. Learn how industry leaders innovate and how to partner with them.

Keynote Speakers included Gene Alston of PayPal, Sheryl Chamberlain of EMC, Elizabeth “Betsy” Corcoran of Forbes.com, Rich Friedrich of Hewlett-Packard, Deborah Magid of IBM and John Shen of Nokia Research Center.

Mark F. Radcliffe of DLA Piper moderated panelists Don Clark of NEC, Gary Getz of Strategos, Suzanne Harrison of Gathering2.0, Ron S. Laurie of Inflexion Point Group and David Smith of Tynax. The topic was”Open Innovation in Practice”.

Priya Ganapati of Wired Digital gave the closing summary on the need for basic research.

In the afternoon there were technology exhibitions by the participating companies like Dojo House, Huawei, LongJump, Nokia, PayPal, rrripple, and Zeus.

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