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Jul. 8, 2013 SVForum Visionaries


Here are some pictures of SVForum’s Visionaries over the years. Contact me for rights and permissions. Pictured are Forest Baskett, Eric Benhamou, Marc Benioff, Vinton Cerf, John Chambers, James Clark, John Doerr, William H. Draper III, Esther Dyson, Doug Engelbart, Judy Estrin, Carly Fiorina, Bill Gates, Louis Gerstner, James Gosling, Diane Greene, Promod Haque, Reed Hastings, Dr. Hermann Hauser, Trip Hawkins, John Hennessy, Reid Hoffman, Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, Guy Kawasaki, Vinod Khosla, Steve Kirsch, Dick Kramlich, Sandra Kurtzig, Steven Levy, Scott McNealy, Craig O. McCaw, Gordon Moore, Michael Mortiz, Walter S. Mossberg, Nathan Myhrvold, Ray Ozzie, Arthur Patterson, Arthur Rock, T.J. Rodgers, Heidi Roizen, Brent Schlender, Terry Semel, Chris Shipley, Larry Sonsini, Guy L. “Bud” Tribble, Ann Winblad, Steve Wozniak.

Baskett Forest copy Benhamou Eric copy Benioff Marc 2 Blank Steve Chambers John Cerf Vincent Clark Jim Diamandis Peter Doerr John Draper Bill copy Dyson Esther Engelbart Doug 3 copy Estrin Judy copy Fiorina Carly Gates Bill copy Gerstner Louis Gosling James copy Greene Diane copy Haque Promod copy Hauser Hermann copy Hasting Reed Hawkins Trip Hennessy John Hoffman Reid copy Jacobs Irwin Kawasaki Guy copy Khosla Vinod KIrsch Steve Kramlich Dick Kurtzig Sandy Kurzweil Ray 2 Levy Steven 3 copy McCaw Craig McNealy Scott Moore Gordon Moritz Michael Mossberg Walter Myhrvold Nathan Ozzie Ray Patterson Arthur copy Rock Arthur Rodgers TJ copy Roizen Heidi Schlender Brent copy Semel Terry Shipley Chris copy Sonsini Larry Tribble Bud copy Warrior Padmasree Winblad Ann Wozniak Steve 12

I am still looking through the archives for Marc Andreessen, Craig R. Barrett, Carol Bartz, Andy Bechtolsheim, Grady Booch, John Seely Brown, Nolan Bushnell, Kaye Caldwell, Edwin Catmull, JoMei Chang, Alfred Chuang, Ron Conway, Scott Cook, Alan Cooper, Donna Dubinsky, Kamran Elahian, Charles Geschke, Jeff Hawkins, Gerald Kearby, Kay Koplovitz, Robert Metcalfe, Catherine Muther, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Proulx, Sandy Robertson, Alain Rossman, Jeff Skoll, Jimmy Treybig, John Warnock, Jerry Yang.

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Oct. 11, 2011 TechAmerica David Packard Awards

On Tuesday October 11, 2011 in Menlo Park at the Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club, TechAmerica held the 53rd Annual David Packard Medal of Achievement and Innovator Awards. The master of ceremonies was Hank Steininger of Grant Thornton. Daniel Varroney of TechAmerica welcomed the crowd.

Marc Benioff of Salesforce told some humorous anecdotes about this year’s winner of the David Packard MOA Award, Ray Lane of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and Chairman of the Board of Hewlett Packard. Lane talked about the values of hard work and directness he learned from his father while growing up in West Virginia. Afterward, Mike Holston, HP’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel presented him with a special engraved laptop.

Dennis Stolkey of HP Services presented a series of Innovator Awards. Sharon Vosmek of Astia was honored as Community Service Innovator. Mark Pincus of Zynga was honored as Innovator Entrepreneur of the Year. Sandeep Vij of MIPS was honored as Wellness Innovator of the Year. Ron Papas of Informatica won for Cloud Computing. James Christiansen of Evantix won for Cybersecurity. Doug Smith of Oceus won  for Government Services. Wael Diab of Broadcom won for Green Tech/Smart Grid. Laurie McGraw of Allscripts won for Health and Medical Technologies. Jim Denenny of Concurrent won Mobile Services. Alex Yoder of Webtrends for Social Media and was accepted by Hope Frank on his behalf. Terry Mullin of ViridiSTOR won for Software.

In closing, Cisco CEO John Chambers talked about his faith in Silicon Valley and HP CEO Meg Whitman remaking HP. Chambers then made a champagne toast. At that moment I was sitting next to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and he clinked his glass to my telephoto lens. It was very funny moment.

I’m still working on the hundreds of photos I took, but here a are few for now. Henrik Fiskar brought the Karma electric sports car and Tim Shriver was there talking about the Special Olympics.

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