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Sep. 5, 2013 STC Jack Molisani LavaCon

STClogonew1 Molisani Jack

On September 5, 2013 in Dublin at Mimi’s Cafe, the STC East Bay Chapter hosted ProSpring CEO Jack Molisani’s presentation “When Your Ship Comes In.” Molisani talked about short-term tactics and long-term strategies for increasing your value to a company and your own bottom line. He also spoke to me about the upcoming LavaCon running from October 20th to 24th in Portland, Oregon.

Richard Mateosian reminded attendees about the ongoing Touchstone competition‘s call for entrants and judges. I announced that the next STC Silicon Valley chapter meeting will host Oracle’s Marta Rauch on “Google Glass and Augmented Reality.” Next month’s East Bay meeting will be on October 3, 2013 with Lori Meyer  speaking about “The Change Agent in You.”
I also met with new chapter president Romy Sinha and Past President Jane Olivera, STC luminary Gwaltney Mountford. Chapter Treasurer Joseph Humbert showed off his new book “There’s The Rub.” 

 Meter Lori Mountford Gwaltney Olivera Jane Sinha Romy

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